All I want for Christmas…

 The last three months of the year are notoriously expensive (and usually a little stressful), but that hasn’t stopped me lusting after cosy treats and a scattering of Vivienne Westwood to brighten the colder days. This Winter I intend to make pricier purchases that will see me through the season, rather than browsing the New In section every week (or … Continue reading


Winter wishlist

The colder months call for me to shop even harder than the unnecessary pieces I picked up over Summer  ,and no wonder- when I’m sat indoors cosy and reluctant to lose the blanket and slippers for a chilly night out, that’s when I realise that I should invest in footwear that actually keeps me warm, but still looks cute.  Once I … Continue reading


Summer to fall

  Seldom do I favour Americanism’s over our own twee selection, particularly when my auto-correct is forever prompting me that favourite is in fact spelt wrong and I need to omit the u; but when it concerns my favourite season ‘Autumn’, Summer to Fall seems to roll off the tongue much more pertinently than Summer to Autumn. … Continue reading

fashion / guest post

Guest Post: The Nylon Backpack

The Nylon Backpack is Back by Popular Demand Image credit: Now that runway models and celebrities are strutting down the catwalks and streets with backpacks, it’s pretty clear that we’ve become addicted to this accessory once again. Something that was once considered purely as an educational necessity is now most definitely a fashion commodity … Continue reading