About me


 Hi I’m Jess, a 22 year old digital marketing student and the author behind Blonde of Carbs. Inspired by the South Coast and living with mental health problems, the website was formed as a creative outlet. Since its creation in 2014 I have now embraced my hobbies and passions and feature- Food & drink, Fashion, Beauty and lots more! If you are looking for a down to earth, straight talking blog then you have come to the right place. There are honest reviews aplenty, but also straight talking, no nonsense, first-hand experiences which will hopefully help you to feel like you’re not alone. Aside from health and reviews, if you just fancy some outfit inspiration or a new lipstick then I have that covered too, just browse the categories at the top of my website for an easy reading experience.

If you have come here to find out just about me and not the site (I have no idea why…..!) then here are a few fun facts for you!

  1. I immerse myself in TV series utterly and completely, literally until I feel like I either live in them or know the characters. Think Dexter, Breaking Bad, Lie to me..yes I also have a thing about murder/crime shows.
  2. I might be 22 but I still feel like I haven’t left my teenage years (wishful thinking I guess!).
  3. I study an English degree alongside a Digital Marketing diploma. I like to always be in education, I have always enjoyed learning even when working so that’s not going to stop anytime soon.
  4. I have a tendency to become completely obsessed with something on a regular basis. For example if I start exercising I HAVE to do it every single day OR if I am reading a book I am filled with anxiety to speed through it. YUP.
  5. I have 5 brothers, two of them were recently born. I absolutely love them to pieces and find it super exciting to have new babies in the family, even if I am 20/22 years older!