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Feelings hurt.

I almost washed my hands with the grunge/rock look when the high street stores were awash with imitation tees and teenage girls. With that said and done however, there’s nothing I love more than androgynous days and grunge mixed with a girly, pastel for those sunnier, chirpier days.
I am still digging the fishnet trend, however I don’t think I was produced to wear them as exposed high waisters… Instead I stick to my old roots of an baggy, reworked shirt as a short dress, or layering a maxi dress and jumper together to soften the HELLO, LOOK AT ME fishnet legs. I feel like I have definitely absorbed a kinder colour palette for this season after being drowned in black. Gingham, embroidered skirts and light bikers are still very much a big deal for me and can’t wait for the sun to be popping out more for exposed shoulders.
Feelings hurt.


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