Winter Workwear

 Views of thick fog and the cold frosty air make it hard enough as it is getting up in Winter, without having to prize yourself out of your cosy,oversized and elastic waistbands which have been so supportive throughout this past month. When there isn’t a need to dress up or make an effort I frequently find myself dressing lazy, Ie leggings, jumpers that are too big and huddling up to my hot water bottle. This cold weather and my low mood has dug me into a complete clothing crisis, and therefore I was desperate to revamp my work wardrobe into pieces that keep me warm, but are also smart and bang on trend. Workwear


Previously I wasn’t a fan of a high neck, particularly when it comes to blouses, but when paired correctly with a close fitting pair of trousers or a leather pencil skirt, it elevates it from potentially frumpy to chic.  I also think that it’s important to mix and match outfits as well as alternate between skirts, dresses and trousers to keep looks fresh, and prevent yourself from getting bored of what you’re wearing.

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