Peter Pan Panto at the Pavillion!

Worthing Theatres never seize to amaze me with their line ups and variety on offer all year round- there is always something for everyone. The Christmas panto is no exception, the audience was filled with an abundance of excitable children, giggling parents, friends and couples-I attended with Joe and we had an unexpectedly hilarious evening and really got into the Christmas spirit. I am not one for participating in chanting, hand clapping or feet stamping when it comes to any theatre performance, but the energetic, star studded cast really lifted my mood and I felt myself completely immersed in the story and characters.


The cast of the pantomime adventures of Peter Pan features Richard ‘Dick’ McCourt (Dick & Dom in da Bungalow) as the pirate Smee, Patrick Monahan (Stand Up Comedian) as my personal favourite Captain Hook, Amelia Lily (X Factor, American Idiot) as the gorgeous Tiger Lily, and Lloyd Daniels (X Factor) as Peter Pan. All of the cast members really exceeded my expectations as they were perfectly suited to their roles, and ensured that it was a magical experience, alongside the incredible lighting, special effects, flying and genuinely funny jokes (particularly from Patrick Monahan). 


The pantomime adventures of Peter Pan is my SECOND ever Christmas panto, with my first experience being about 15 years ago! Regardless of your age or who you intend on visiting with it is a MUST SEE. There are performances from 2 December to 8 January 2017 at the Pavillion Theatre, Worthing.  Notable dates are the Signed performance – Friday 16 December 7pm and the Relaxed performance – Tuesday 20 December 2pm.

Expect popular culture references, cheese filled, fun loving songs and PLENTY of slapstick. To top it all off Worthing Theatres have partnered with Chestnut treehouse to help raise funds for them, alongside the pre existing roylaties that get donated to Great Ormond Street thanks to J M Barrie the original writer of the play. The producer, Paul Holman has done an impeccable job at marrying all of the elements and bringing them together for a perfect kickstarter to Christmas, and gathering funds for two fabulous causes!

Would love for you to drop your thoughts below xx

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