Winter date ideas #1


During the Summer months suggesting and settling on date ideas is generally plain-sailing; for starters we aren’t plagued with S.A.D (and boy am I feeling it this year) and secondly the warmer weather is much more favourable to contend with in the evenings than the chilly November breeze (even if it’s a pretty lame British Summer). You have the option of basking in the afternoon/early evening sun with a glass of wine or a pint without much thought, planning or cost. DISCLAIMER: Perhaps I am romanticising our Summertime a little too much as I am struggling with this years Winter! 

Once the cold weather sets in and the lack of motivation follows I find myself clinging to the comfort of hot chocolates, cosy blankets and You’ve Been Framed, yes it’s nice (really nice some nights) but I am starting to feel like I should be making more of an effort to physically have dates instead of relying on the comfort blanket of home until warmer weather rears its head, ‘cos I am pretty sure it’s going to be a while!

Before Joe and I hit up Amsterdam we decided to check out the newly refurbished AMF bowling plex on Worthing seafront. I have to admit bowling is something I tend to avoid and seldom bring up as date option as I am so embarassingly awful! Luckily for me I am not too competitive (in terms of Bowling at least) so thought that it would be a fun way to spend our evening before flying out.


 We had two games booked which cost £22.70 for both us- if you’re booking online in advance there are no booking fees, and you can add extras to your basket beforehand such as- the burger and chips meal, jugs of slush puppies or even Champagne if you’re treating yourself. I love how AMF cater for adults and kids equally and they offer lots of special offers such as: the family fun fest on the 19th & 20th November, between 12 & 4 they are doing face painting, glow bowling, balloons and treasure hunts. Kids are £4.69, adults just a pound more, or bring the whole family for £18.69. They have lots more offers here, and not just for groups and parties, which is why it’s a great way to organise a date- I really value being able to do everything in one place (and booking it all online in advance!).

 I really dig the Neon lighting and glossy laminate flooring, it makes the venue appear really large and spacious (just look at the panoramic at the top of the post). It’s such a fun environment to be in and looks beautiful when it’s dark outside, yet so illuminated inside. When we arrived we checked in at the front desk, I expected to have to wear bowling shoes but as both Joe and I were wearing trainers, we were free from dressing up as clowns. We made our way to our ‘booth’, filled in our nicknames, and got ready to BOWL, at least I did after I pressed the nifty service button at our lane and the very kind waiter brought me a glass of wine and Joe a pint of beer (we didn’t even have to move, win win!)34 I have to say that Joe was much more a pro than me (as expected), but even with a pulled side I was determined to brush up my skills (or at least gain some!). Not using the barriers is a little unnerving, thinking back to my opening paragraph and how I expressed the longing for my comfort blanket called home, the barriers are my comfort blanket and defense against losing! However I stuck to my guns and continued with the horrendous bowling until I got a spare, overshadowed by Joe’s strikes, and the little stickers he was presented in reward (he seemed pretty pleased with himself!) I have to say that it was a lot more fun than I expected it to be, and I would definitely book in and pop back for another early evening date.   5 After our two games we made our way to the food court to stop for a small dinner. I picked the hot dog and chips, whilst Joe had a burger. Each meal costs £6.99 which in my opinion is pretty pricey for what you get and definitely worth booking a bowling and food deal;luckily I narrowly escaped the bum deal and enjoyed my warm hot dog, especially as it was such a chilly night, but think Joe’s burger didn’t impress him much at all. I also wanted to grab a slush puppy to go once I had finished eating and couldn’t find a member of staff on the till or to catch their eye for a while (as you can see below)67
Whilst we had fun, and a great night before catching our flight I would only return to AMF for a game and perhaps a glass of wine. I love the refurbishment, the fun decor and atmosphere, but would rather spend a bit more money on food and eat at a Restaurant. 

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