All I want for Christmas…

 The last three months of the year are notoriously expensive (and usually a little stressful), but that hasn’t stopped me lusting after cosy treats and a scattering of Vivienne Westwood to brighten the colder days. This Winter I intend to make pricier purchases that will see me through the season, rather than browsing the New In section every week (or day if you’re me!) for cheap, bulk buy shopping trips.
Children are the focus of Christmas and unfortunately for me, my childhood and teenage years have slipped through my fingers (waaaay too quickly). Nowadays instead of my gel pen and paper list going to family members, I create wishlists for my own sanity. Luckily for me my birthday falls in November so I am hoping to treat myself to some new season lust haves. 
Winter wishlist


A new watch is a genuine justified purchase- I left my absolute favourite and only one at an Air BnB stay (much to my devastation). Vivienne Westwood pieces would ideally adorn every corner of my wardrobe, but lets be honest I am pretty much living off a student budget. However despite ‘insufficient funds’ a watch is something I am willing to spend a fair amount on, just like pieces of jewellery that can be worn everyday like the iconic Vivienne Westwood earrings and the Valentine Pendant. All three are beautiful timeless pieces and are suitable for any time of year or occasion. As for the rucksack and the card wallet they are not a necessity, in fact I have plenty of bags but this truly is exceptional. You know when you completely fall in love with an item? You cannot stop staring at it and imagining all the outfits you could style, and how good it would look on you….yes? Well this rucksack is IT, and I don’t want to leave it in my wishlist!
Every year I will always add new ‘cosy’ pieces to my wishlist as they don’t last as long as I would like. A cute, fluffy dressing gown with animal ears….CHECK, cable knit pants (say what?!) and a faux fur hat, CHECK. Luckily for me my colder weather essentials are a LOT cheaper than my lustful dreams of Vivienne Westwood, so hopefully I will be able to treat myself to more than just a watch!

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