Winter wishlist

The colder months call for me to shop even harder than the unnecessary pieces I picked up over Summer  ,and no wonder- when I’m sat indoors cosy and reluctant to lose the blanket and slippers for a chilly night out, that’s when I realise that I should invest in footwear that actually keeps me warm, but still looks cute.  Once I start shoe shopping my collection seems to bubble out of control and there are shoes shoved everywhere (most never worn), however a high quality and expensive boot won’t fail you and these beauties on my wishlist are from House of Fraser and are literally the ankle boots of dreams. picmonkey-image1/Dune 2/Paper Dolls 3/Carvela 4/Mint Velvet 

Other purchases I’m longing to make aren’t so much a necessity, although I am pretty sure they would make me a lot happier (and that’s a good mental contribution!). I seldom find myself making expensive jewellery choices, and instead end up with minute Fashion choices that don’t even last as long as the trend. For me personally I always seem to find other priorities to spend my money on which is why these pieces are going on my Christmas ‘are you feeling generous?’ wishlist. My ears are super sensitive to earrings that aren’t gold and yet still I put them through cheap torture. The Thomas Sabo pairs that I have picked add a little bit of glitz and sparkle whilst still being simplistic and sophisticated earrings. I couldn’t take my eyes off the necklace, once again I don’t like extravagant accessories and the charm is such a small but bold statement. I adore anything related to the sea and the beach so this would be a really special piece with meaning. picmonkey-image-1

1/ T.S Classic 2/ Katie Mullally 3/T.S Rose Gold

 Like footwear you can never have too much lingerie or nightwear pieces, and they are my favourite to shop for. Both the bodies are from Bluebella which is a brand I already love and am super excited to see them stocked at House of Fraser now. These sexy pieces are seductive but can actually prove a lot warmer than a bra and knickers set, they are a great day to night lingerie solution. The pajama set looked so cosy on the website and reminded me how I don’t have any Winter weather sets. I get really cold at night and have also been pining for a silk pajama set for too long. picmonkey-collage-ho 1/Angelina Body 2/ Bluebella Pj’s 3/ Lola Body

What’s on your Winter wishlist?

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