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July Degustabox

 This Summer has gone ridiculously fast, particularly July, I don’t think I ever checked in and recognised it happening let alone realised we are now in August! Luckily I have a month until my degree starts again and still have a few days off work to enjoy my Summer themed Degustabox. Each box contains 10 to 15 surprise products for £12.99 a month including delivery (much cheaper than buying them individually). It reminds me of personal longing and excitement for surprise bags at Claire’s…except the contents of Degustabox’s are actually decent!

IMG_4711 Rejuvenation Water £1.99/ Alo Drink £2.45/ Cracker Drinks £1.50/

Berry White drinks (x 4 £3.99)

As it’s Summer I was a little disappointed there wasn’t an alcoholic inclusion this month (always my favourite addition), however I improvised with the Pineapple, coconut and lime natural fruit drink. It’s refreshing and delicious by itself and is free from added sugar and sweetener, it gives you one of your five a day and is less than 90 calories- so what do I do….. mix it with gin! Trust me this is a really yummy mixer for cocktails, but also a perfect Summer soft drink.

The rejuvenation water really reminds me of Vitamin water that I ALWAYS used to buy, these are made from spring water, natural fruit flavours and amino acids. These are great if you are feeling run down (aka hello hangover drink) as they help your immune system and digestion. I received the flavour Spanish Orange and would definitely pick it up if I was out shopping and spotted it.

Aloe Vera drinks have always been a bit of a weird one with me, I hate that I like them because there’s definitely something unusual and odd about the drinks. This brand however ensures that they use hand picked organic aloe rather than powder so you can receive the full benefits. They’re kind of pricey at £2.45 and I would much rather buy a Naked smoothie, sorry. 

Jordans £2.79/

Muesli is never usually my first choice for breakfast but the creamy oats and juicy raisins make this super sweet and delicious, but without any added sugar. 



Brookside chocolates £3.40/ Bahlsen Choco Leibniz 4 x 0.40/ Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles Infusions £1.29/ Itsu seaweed thins 2 x £1.00/ 

I was really pleased to see Bahlsen biscuits now in portion packs rather than multi-packs as they can now give me some sort of control (maybe). I am not usually a sweet fan for snacks but the butter biscuits and thick milk chocolate coating is heavenly. Rowntree’s have also made an effort at helping to eat smaller portions with a resealable bag for their infusions, however I couldn’t stop eating them because they were so good! The three new infusions are orange & grapefruit, raspberry & pomegranate and apple & elderflower, made with fruit juice, no artificial colours or preservatives.

Itsu are already an existing favourite for their noodles and snacks, however their seaweed thins are pretty questionable in my opinion. They are super healthy as they are packed with zinc, iron, B12, Iodine AND are less than two calories per thin. I just can’t quite get my head round the taste and the smell…..

Felix Gherkins £2.15/ Seabrooks crisps £1.99/ Sarson’s Balsamic Vinegar £1.99

I will always cheerlead for the savoury team even when there is an option for sweet snacks. I blame my Dad for my gherkin and pickled onion obsession seeing as he’s now passed it on to my little brother! I am the kinda girl that will shout for your gherkin when you express your annoyance at Mcdonalds for leaving it in your cheeseburger. I have had at least three takeaways a week at the moment so am adamant that I will cook more at home and will be using these when I make burgers (because I am not a very sophisticated chef).

Sharing bags of crisps to myself are always a necessity, it actively irritates me to have to endure other people hand dipping so I devoured these before anyone else could get a look in. The producers at Seabrook are award winning and focus on high quality and great flavour. Chorizo however isn’t a flavour I would usually opt for or buy if I saw it but I really enjoyed them- they are also vegetarian friendly despite the flavour!

Sarson’s is my go to brand for vinegar but I hadn’t tried their balsamic one before as it’s not something I would usually use. However after expressing how poor my eating habits have been lately it’s proving a good pairing for salads and used to make homemade pesto. 

If you still haven’t given Degustabox a try then you can get a massive £7 off the usual £12.99 price with the code BLDEG15

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