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Guest Post: The Nylon Backpack

The Nylon Backpack is Back by Popular Demand


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Now that runway models and celebrities are strutting down the catwalks and streets with backpacks, it’s pretty clear that we’ve become addicted to this accessory once again. Something that was once considered purely as an educational necessity is now most definitely a fashion commodity especially for millennials. Today, knapsacks are no longer limited to school-aged kids and outdoors enthusiasts, as ready-to-wear labels have added a chic twist to the childhood staples, giving them a style upgrade powerful enough to replace our favourite purses.

The idea of a backpack doesn’t exactly scream “cool,” but from what we’ve been seeing lately, utility is redefining what it means to be fashionable. As Claire Kane of MIC explains, we’re currently “living in the era of the backpack, the ultimate accessory for the under-40 adventurer, who’s usually adventuring no further than the office, gym or bar.” And designers are fully taking advantage of this lifestyle, creating products that are a perfect amalgamation of function and style.

Fashion experts have even gone on to name the carry-all as an essential in a woman’s accessory collection, with the editors from Canadian-based online retailer Lyst including backpacks in their selection of contemporary bags. These once dorky accessories have been re imagined to suit all occasions and moods. Thus, it’s time that we give those totes a rest and trade in our handbags with a knapsack for a change.

There are lots trendy backpacks that will store all your essentials while keeping you hands free and looking sleek, whether you’re out on your morning commute or heading over to the bar for happy hour drinks. Although one style that seems to garnering more attention the rest is the nylon backpack.

The nylon backpack was an inescapable trend introduced by Prada back in the 1990s, and has returned with a vengeance, according to CNN Style. The most recent fashion shows have demonstrated luxury brands feeding into our cultural obsession, simply by adding a snazzy element to the utilitarian bag. Burberry included gold chains on the straps to make the accessory almost look like jewellery, supplying some visual interest on top of its other qualities like storage capacity and water resistance.

Besides the obvious fashion statement the nylon backpack conveys, the bag is an accurate representation of our style decisions that are all about striking that balance between purpose and couture. In order for a luxury item to appeal to Millennials, the bag needs to do more than just simply look good, and as Connie Wang of Refinery29 says, it has to be relevant for a long time. What’s more relevant to our lifestyle now than the backpack?

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