Breakfast Club #1: The Athlete

I never aspire to be female roles in films and in the Breakfast club I felt like I could relate more to Brian Johnson but secretly wished I was Bender. Ignoring both of these (so why did I even bring them up?!) however I decided that I would do ‘The Athlete’ inspired look as I am loving the Sports trend especially bomber jackets but really didn’t think I could pull it off.  I am amazed that some people can pop on oversized BRIGHT SPANKING WHITE jogging bottoms that drag against the pavement and STILL manage to look well put together (that’s not me just a heads up). I picked out my favourite pieces from New Look; despite Andy Clark opting for a super cool vintage pair of jeans I went for leggings because they just look better with the outfit quite frankly. This is also my favourite ‘Student Style’ because you can be lazy AND comfortable, but ‘on trend’, the kind of trend that I want to be involved with at least….or ‘sweatpants are all that fit me right now’.


I love checking out the New Look Student Hub for inspiration, and not just style tips but there are actually food recipes (that are super easy, cheap AND fast), MEME’s and relatable articles (WIN WIN) and super cool interviews that are perfect for some procrastination down time.

BLACK CAP £7.99 *





 Since drawing inspiration for this post I have somehow accumulated 4 bomber jackets (my card details just seem to slip out), and this mink sateen one is my absolute favourite, it adds a girly feel to an otherwise masculine and relaxed outfit. I also like to add it to more dressy pieces to cut through a put together outfit. A bomber jacket was a must for ‘The Athlete’ inspired look and New Look have a tonne that I want to own, luckily there is a huge variety to choose from depending on your personal taste. I prefer the sateen ones but I could’ve opted for a more authentic sports piece.

Andy Clark sports a Nike vest (can you say wife beater…it’s what it’s called?!) and as soon as I spotted the ‘Brooklyn Body’ I knew that it was perfect for this look. I never usually wear leggings without something AT LEAST longer than my butt so I was filled with fear until they arrived and I tried them on. They are actually really thick and forgiving, and can be worn as  ‘trousers’. As far as caps goes I went for a plain piece as I am still not one hundred percent if they are my thing, but in my opinion are a necessity for this look PLUS they hide a really frizzy hair day, am I right?! (Bleach dip dye isn’t my friend).

I do own expensive trainers for running and fitness but when it comes to everyday wear I will pick up plimpsolls and flats from Primark or New Look, especially when I opt for white and I know they are going to get dirty pretty easily. For some reason as soon as a I put on a white item of clothing you can bet it will be stained before the day is out (Looking at you salad and dressing on my new skirt weekend).

What other Breakfast club looks would you like to see?

9 thoughts on “Breakfast Club #1: The Athlete

  1. I love the breakfast club, and this outfit – it looks so good on you! I especially love the bomber jacket, I’ve been meaning to get one for ages but I can hardly ever find ones I like and when I do they’re never in my size! I think I’ll have to order from New Look, they seem to have such a great range.

    Maddie x |


  2. Oooh I love that silky bomber jacket! The color is so phenomenal. I’ve managed to restrain myself from buying any bomber jackets but this one is seriously tempting!

    Mili | Sharmtoaster


  3. Aw I love this, The Breakfast Club is always one of my faves! You seem really lovely too, I would love to follow each other and stay in contact.. let me know if you want to! x


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