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Degustabox: May ’16

Each month I feel like Degustabox gets better and better, and when something is really impressive I feel the need to shout about it. When it comes to this subscription box I am not overstating my love/ conveying a biased opinion as I really do love the opportunity to discover new brands, sometimes before they hit the shops shelves, and sometimes gems I have just completely overlooked! The box is £12.99 including delivery for 10 to 15 products (which really is amazing value), but if you haven’t already subscribed you can get £6 off with the code BLDEG15 (it’s not affiliated).

As a lovely treat the guys at Degustabox included a personalised chocolate box from Morse Toad in the box and is now a brand I would definitely use for presents; it tastes amazing and is presented so beautifully.

 Morse Toad: Personalised Chocolate Message (from £8) Onto the actual contents of May’s subscription box, which has the perfect balance between healthy and ‘naughty’ treats which I love to see especially as I am stuck in a cycle of eating (and drinking) WAY too much sugar lately! Managing portion control for me (and Pete too!) is really difficult, especially when it comes to nuts and seeds as they are so more-ish. I hadn’t heard of ‘Wonderful’ before but their size 20g bags are ideal for snacking.The Wonderful Company: Almonds/ Pistachio (2 x 0.90p)

Both the almonds and pisatchios are sun ripened in California (oh how I wish I was there right now), and I think it must make a difference as I usually hate almonds and now I can officially say I am converted. The almonds are sweet, crunchy and filling, and the pistachios just confirmed my ongoing love affair with them as a snack.

Get Fruity: Orange & Ginger (1 x £1.00)

These bars are in a nutshell healthy flapjacks! They are made of gluten free oats, virgin coconut oil and fruit. They are completely natural and suitable for those with nut allergies. They are surprisingly sweet and filling, and a great healthy alternative to standard flapjacks. I tried mine with much trepidation but as soon as I got stuck into the bar I was really loving the flavour and enjoying it!

 Pechkeks fortune cookies: 2 x £1.00

Fortune cookies are one of my favourite things, and pure disappointment fills me if they don’t come with my Chinese takeaway! However these fortune cookies have a twist, they feature black humour ‘predictions’ and a cookie colour to match. Take them with a pinch of salt and don’t expect positive and motivational predictions, instead honest and pessimistic messages. I think I actually love these more than the standard ones!!Kallo: Milk Chocolate corn cakes £1.29/ Yogurt Coated rice cakes £1.69

It’s no secret that I love Kallo and I only discovered them thanks to Degustabox. The day after receiving my box I went out on the hunt to pick some more up as I just couldn’t get enough of them. Milk chocolate is already a decided success, but the yogurt rice cakes proved as a delicious guilt-free snack. They are 78 calories per cake and suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs. The yogurt rice cakes are made with wholegrain brown rice and coated in yogurt, and instead of the milk chocolate I will be opting for these when I do my shop!

 Brioche Pasquier: All butter croissants £1.80

I am always appreciative of receiving a bag of croissants as they aren’t something I go out and buy. They aren’t the healthiest of breakfast options but they are certainly the tastiest choice! That being said they are free from preservatives, hydrogenated fats and artificial colours. I usually eat these cold but I decided to treat Pete to some breakfast. I enjoyed mine with the Beloved dates: Date Nectar £3.50, something I didn’t think I would enjoy as I don’t actually like dates. It’s around the same price as honey but is gluten, wheat and dairy free and made of 100 percent dates. It is also suitable for vegans unlike honey, and tastes really sweet and indulgent. I would definitely repurchase this!

Cranes: Cranberry/Strawberry & Kiwi (2 x £1.90)

These drinks are something completely new to me as they are brewed from crushed cranberries and added juice for flavour. I actually preferred the cranberry flavour to the strawberry and kiwi as I found that one a little too sweet for my liking. They are 4 percent alcohol so are a light choice, and are 100 percent natural, 16.5 percent juice, yet only 99 calories! I would like to try the raspberry and pomegranate flavour next.

Jack Daniels: Tennessee Honey Barbeque Glaze

The newest addition to the Jack Daniels sauce family is the honey barbeque glaze which adds a sweet and sticky coating to ribs and chicken, or as a dip. It is perfect just in time for barbeque season and summer- keep an eye out as I have a BBQ favourites post coming up soon!

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 Pomegreat: Pomegranate juice £1.49

Another Californian grown product and another winner in my eyes. This juice is sweet and bursting with flavour. I actually shared my juice with vodka as it made a really nice evening drink. It’s made with aronia juice from concentrate combined with the pomegranates but is something I would only enjoy once a week or as a mixer, it really is delicious but not a daily drink as it is very sweet.

 Garofalo: Fusilli Bucati Corti £1.99

Pasta is my go to lazy meal (that’s if I am avoiding the microwave at least) and I find this pasta to be really filling, and work perfectly with sauces and vegetables. The texture holds itself after cooking, and doesn’t turn limp and slimy which is great. Something I would definitely pick up on my daily shop over other pasta options.

May’s Degustabox definitely didn’t disappoint and has me fired up for a BBQ favourites post now. Did you receive this months box? Let me know what you thought of it, or if there’s any recipes you’d like to see.

6 thoughts on “Degustabox: May ’16

  1. I could not find more information about the ingredients of the PomeGreat juice. Why is it so sweet? Does it contain added sugar? Are other ingredients from concentrates?


  2. I LOVE Kallo and also pomegranate juice and I have to find somewhere where I can get hold of one of those healthy orange and ginger flapjacks they just sound amazing!
    Amy xxx


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