Seaside conversations: Valley Mill

On Sunday I overheard a conversation about visiting the beach during the heatwave (as small as it may be) we experienced. The person stated that there was no point rushing off to the beach as ‘the sea is the sea, wherever it is, it’s just the sea.’ I really contemplated the conversation for a while, and both agree and disagree with what was said. The sea is everywhere yes no matter what beach you visited, but that’s what makes me feel so calm and collected when I am on the seaside. It really puts things into perspective and brings me down to earth, it’s a place of calm with much more basic focus points than the labours of everyday stress. On the other hand the sea isn’t just the sea, no matter where you go, I have lived in Portsmouth, Brighton and Eastbourne and each beach represents something completely different to me, mainly because of the atmosphere and feel of the place.

Worthing is my favourite beach (aside from Cyprus of course, but we can’t have it all!). You can hear yourself think when you are sat on the stones, and the overwhelming sound is the crashing waves, so much less chaotic than Brighton, and much cleaner and relaxing than Eastbourne. When I am suffering with my insomnia and I get to breaking point I will walk along the shore at 5am, or if I am feeling up to it run against the cold wind. This is why I brought my beautiful Valley Mill products down with me one early evening. You might be aware that I am trying to use more natural products on my skin (that’s where my budget permits at least), and adore tea tree and witch hazel for their amazing benefits to skin.

Natural Tea Tree & Witch Hazel Soap 100g £4

The smell of the soap bar is incredible and I can’t stop sniffing it! It is so refreshing to have a clean, natural scent as opposed to overly sweet, synthetic choices. It isn’t too strong and overpowering (sometimes I feel like I’m in a candle shop!). As much as I love ‘Lush’ soap bars sometimes they can be really drying and when I don’t something gimmicky or glittery my first stop will now definitely be Valley Mill. The bar is 100 percent natural shea butter and coconut oil soap. The ingredients list is compiled of: olive oil, palm oil, castor oil, coconut oil, shea butter, tea tree and witch hazel, which is an incredibly small and pleasing combination, and to make things even better the products are hand made in Wales too! This will suit any skin types, but particularly oily or blemished skin as it is so gentle yet calming and cleansing.


 Passion Fruit Soy Melts 80g £6.25

I tend to only use candles and melts in Autumn/Winter, and opt for diffusers in Spring/Summer, but this is such a punchy and fruity scent that it is ideal to make your home smell like summertime. The last warmer weather candle I enjoyed was a pina colada scented Flamingo candle, but these passion fruit soy melts really are above and beyond delicious (they are totally persuasively edible). Each box contains 5 natural soy melts, which have been hand poured and feature the Valley Mill logo. Per box the expected burn time is 60 hours, and from experience they last FOREVER, they really do take months of burning to run out which is amazing. I also love the cardboard, sliding matchbox design for the packaging in-keeping with the natural theme. If you are looking for a different present then a couple of these, or a bar of soap and melts are a beautiful gift! I am actually going to pick myself up some more, and will get a few gifts on my way too!

8 thoughts on “Seaside conversations: Valley Mill

  1. You’re so lucky living so close to the sea, I find it so calming and would love to be able to go there to chill out. There is something so humbling about the sea! Id also love to try to incorporate more natural beauty products into my skincare regime – budget permitting as you say!
    Amy xxx
    Call Me Amy


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