Expectations in your 20’s

For some reason there are goals we are socially expected to reach at a certain age, and a path we ‘should’ be on once we’ve broken the age of 20. Well I say FUCK that. You don’t have to have gone to University, got a serious full-time job or be in the relationship you’ll be in for the rest of your life, I am fed up of people being disappointed when you don’t meet their expectations. Your 20’s are time to fuck up, have fun and figure out who you are and what you want. It’s amazing if you have your life all figured out, but it’s actually okay if you don’t. Some people don’t go through school, college, and uni and then land their dream job and carry on life without messing up, and to be quite honest I haven’t had my fun just yet, if I don’t mess up how do I learn? I am not willing to live with the what if, and regrets so I would rather mess up and learn, than settle down right now and do what society expects of me.

5 thoughts on “Expectations in your 20’s

  1. YES to this babe, there is so much pressure to get sorted in your 20s when really we’re still so young and ultimately should be able to do whatever we want rather than what society wants! Xxx


  2. If only I would have done more of this in my 20s! I think I would’ve struggled going through stuff I went through then now with advances in technology and aesthetic expectations etc…hell I struggle with that now! You grow, you learn, you make mistakes and realise you need to learn more. More importantly, you need to be happy and confident in your choices now so you can go forth and keep making good choices for yourself. Call this a bit of Sunday ‘spo xx


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