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Buff and Butter Essential oils

Sometimes I gain inspiration unexpectedly, and while I usually read my ASOS magazine absent mindedly, (and usually challenging my multi-tasking skills), the theme of ‘Everyday Magic’ really caught my eye. I don’t believe in magic traditionally, or that you can cast a spell to eradicate your problems, but I am captivated by magic and fantasy. Much like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter have had a hold on my life, I am intrigued in the extra special things in this life. I like to believe that not everything has to be resolved with a pill or pumping my body through drugs, despite what the doctors like to provide anyway. I am continuing with anti-depressants, but other than that I have freed my body of any additional hormones or tablets that I don’t want interfering with my body, so sleeping tablets became one of them to kick. I felt like my nightmares and terrors were actually intensified whilst being on sleeping tablets, and felt more exhausted than before I started the course. I was suggested that I should try Lavender essential oil to help calm and relax me, which in turn would aid my sleep. Holistic healing is definitely a route I want to venture down to try and combat some of the problems I face.

Buff and Butter are committed to selling natural prices at low prices to ensure that they are accessible to anyone who wants to try them. Their main belief is that we are all natural beings that are part of nature, surely it stands to reason that nature provides remedies and foodstuffs to help fight against and prevent illness, as well as helping keep our bodies looking and feeling healthy.’ Buff & Butter’s products are sourced from the best distilleries and farms worldwide,giving customers (like me) the access to nature’s bounty at the click of a button.


Buff and Butter generously sent me five different oils to try, but actually picking out what would really benefit me was a challenge. I decided on:

Lemongrass (£1.65- £7.15)

Grapefruit (£1.85- £9.50)

Rosemary (£1.90- £8.75)

Lavender (£2.15-£9.80)

Tea tree (£1.98-£10.55)

Available in sizes 10ml, 30ml, 50ml and 100ml.

I am a big fan of citrus but can’t have Grapefruit whilst on my anti-depressants and I can’t stomach Lemongrass, no matter how delicious the Thai food is that I try, but I absolutely adore a citrus scent, I find it ultimately refreshing and cleansing, and really wakes up the body. Tea tree was chosen for my problematic skin and it’s anti bacterial properties, whilst lavender and rosemary were for relaxation purposes.

I would definitely repurchase more essential oils from Buff and Butter as they can be used in such a huge range of ways and even Pete steals them off me to use!

Here are some ideas on how to use them:

Face steaming (add a few drops of oil to a bowl filled with hot water)

Decongestion (same method as face steaming, except inhale the mixture, or alternatively add drops to a hankerchief).

Massage (Preferably a willing partner/friend to help, but can be self done)

Make your own Skincare/Beauty Products

Sleep (add a few drops to a pillowcase that you don’t mind staining/know it washes out)

In terms of my mental health and sleep, nothing is a quick fix and everything has it’s pros and cons. However after such a bad experience with three different types of sleeping tablets I can safely say that essential oils may not be an overnight wonder, but at least they don’t give me exacerbated night terrors! I do find that they help relax me, which even though I still don’t sleep well or much, at least I am resting my mind and my body.

7 thoughts on “Buff and Butter Essential oils

  1. I would love to try a lavender oil to help me sleep – I don’t know why I haven’t tried one already as I’ve been wanting to for ages! I only took sleeping tablets for a week as I found they made me so much more tired the next morning that there didn’t seem to be any point! Hope these oils help you better than the pills 🙂 xxx


  2. Do you suffer from insomnia? Sorry, just that you said you had terrible experience with sleeping tablets hence I asked. I have chronic insomnia for more than 10 years and I avoid the normal sleeping pills because I became severely dependant on them years ago. I’ve been looking for a more natural alternative and so far I’m taking melatonin that works on some days but other days does nothing.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


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