Spring clean: Beauty Essentials


Despite the weather failing to decide whether we deserve sunshine in April, we are well into Spring and the dreaded April showers have graced us (not the best time to arrange my wardrobe into Summer pieces)! Like a lot of people I completely change up my Beauty regime depending on the season and current weather; our skin types can change as well as the need to have a Spring clean whether that’s of belongings or dusting out our routines.


During the warmer months I tend to try and reduce how many hair washes I have in an attempt to avoid drying out my hair any further, I also extend my hairstyles into up-dos and plaits (how adventurous) which sometimes need a little volume or some dry shampoo action (note the decrease in hair washes), and my one and ONLY trusted brand is Batiste. I love sampling all the different scents that are released and this year I have fallen in love with blush’ (£4.99), it really is the epitome of Spring, evoking thoughts of fresh flowers and really gives your hair a boost. Not to mention the packaging, I am a huge fan of the girly pattern, it makes it fun to use and display (we are all a little shallow aren’t we?!), and adds some colour to my collection really giving it a much needed boost for spring.


Inkeeping with the colourful, fun packaging I also use the Urban Veda Radiance Exfoliating Facial Polish(£13.99). I don’t usually tend to use skincare with any scent, but this has a really light, sweet aroma that doesn’t seem to trouble or irritate my skin. For a while I didn’t exfoliate my face as my skin was really flaring up and I wanted it to settle down, but this is actually really gentle. It gets the job done and kick starts the day for you, but isn’t abrasive or irritating, thanks to the natural ingredients:

Botanical extracts: (Liquorice / Papaya / Goji berry)
Actives: (Glycerine / Pumice / Tumeric / Arjuna)

(Orange / Patchouli / Coriander / Cedar / Marigold)

The whole radiance range is aimed at hydration for dry and dehydrated skin, but still works well with my combination skin. The range supports cell renewal, guards against moisture loss and supports skin elasticity so is really great to combat against ageing concerns.


Even when it comes to showering I completely switch up my products to suit my skin and mood. Throughout the colder months I am a slave to Snow Fairy, and adore the sickly sweet scent and sparkles it leaves behind. However there can be too much of a good thing, and so I have really been enjoying the cleansing and relaxing scent of Rituals White lotus and yi yi ren (£8.50 200ml) , not to mention the satisfaction I get from the foam, much like shaving gel- although I must get the memo that a little goes a long way! Yi Yi Ren is traditionally used in Chinese medicine, known for its nourishing properties and White Lotus is relaxing fragrance, making for a gentle and calming shower.


For the majority of the year I adorn moody, deep red and purple shades from NARS and MAC, but once the sun appears and my skin begins to see the sun, I opt for a much cheaper lipstick- Topshop Lips in Falling Fast (£8).I actually haven’t sampled much of Topshop’s beauty range, but have heard great things about it. I wasn’t too impressed with the nail varnish I picked up in a similar shade, in fact that ended up in the bin, but the lipstick has faired much better! It has a really moisturising, semi sheer application which is great for dry lips and a contrast from much loved matte look, but does mean it needs to be re-applicated through-out the day. I don’t mind this too much though as the price is a winner, and the shade works really well with a shimmering highlight.


I’m a huge cheerleader for Soap and Glory Peach Party, but in a bid to avoid my powder and matte addiction, and leave it with the colder weather, I ordered ‘Light me up’ (10ml £4.99). Barry M is another brand that really I haven’t tried too much of, I have had the odd nail varnish but that’s as far as it stretches. This is the first liquid highlighter I have got along with, and really gives a beautiful, glowing finish with a light blush that suits even very pale skin tones. It sometimes has a tendency to splat and explode on a few items….so don’t wear a nice white top whilst get ready (note to self…), but it is such a good price, and looks so great on. The packaging isn’t amazing, but the product is definitely worth it, so don’t judge it by it’s size or exterior as it’s one of my Spring staples.

10 thoughts on “Spring clean: Beauty Essentials

  1. Love batiste dry shampoos, I’ve got the tropical one which smells so summery because it smells of coconut! Love the Topshop lip colour and I’ve never heard of the Barry m highlighter before but it looks really intriguing so I might have to have a little nosy in boots!
    Amy xxx
    Call Me Amy


  2. I’ve never tried the blush scent but absolutely swear by Batiste too. It’s the only dry shampoo I trust! I’d never heard of the Barry M highlighter and struggle to find a liquid highlighter that works on my super pale skin so definitely going to give this a try – what a bargain! x

    Jodie –


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