Yushoi Snapea rice sticks review


I am a girl who loves her snacking, and whilst I don’t have any major health complaints, I do have high cholesterol and probably should cut back on my daily packet of crisps! There are a lot of ‘healthier’ alternatives to standard fried potato snacks, but most of them just don’t compare when it comes to taste. Vegetable crisps are yummy, but aren’t actually healthier or lower in fat, and ‘baked’ varieties really aren’t my bag.

I dabbled with the brand Itsu and really fell in love with their chocolate covered edamame beans which fuelled my intrigue to try Yushoi’s snapea rice sticks- something I would have previously turned my nose up at. I actually originally had a sampling of Yushoi in my Degustabox, but was really keen to try other flavours after both Pete and I adored the Sweet Chilli and Lemon. Luckily for me Yushoi sent me the other flavour varieties and also different packet sizes to really give the brand a thorough taste!

Alongside the delicious Sweet Chilli and Lemon, there is also Soy and Balsamic Vinegar,Smoked salt and Szechuan Pepper and Lightly Salted. For me I couldn’t personally choose a flavour I liked most, but I preferred all the stronger flavour additions to the snapeas rather than the salted which Pete enjoyed much more than me. The salted flavour really highlights the snapea which I preferred with additional seasoning instead as I like strong flavours. However I was really impressed by how much the soy and balsamic gave such a punchy, strong flavour without overpowering the snapea, and the smokiness of the salt and pepper which really reminded me of eating bbq nuts. They are actually nut and dairy free though, as well as being high in fibre and a source of protein– which I find really hard to get enough of in my diet. They are only 96 calories or less (BONUSSS) per 21g serving which makes them ideal for a sensible snack for vegans and vegetarians( carnivores and pescetarians you aren’t excluded obviously). Just to solidify my love for them, they are free from MSG, aritifical flavours and colours.



The Yushoi range is available in 21g single serving packets (perfect to monitor my portion control!), 6 x 21g multipacks (necessary once you try one bag of course), and 105g re-sealable sharing bags ( You really couldn’t consume it all yourself!) I find the variety of formats you can buy them in really handy, especially the re-sealable bags as I love to share a snack in front of the television but either gobble down far too much, or end up binning excess as normal crisps go completely stale and gross. They are also really easy to pick up when you are out shopping wherever you choose to go, I actually saw them in my local Tesco express, but they can also be found in Morrisons, Co-op, WH Smith, Selfridges, Whole Foods Market, and online at Amazon and Ocado(no excuse not to try them now!).


I have never tried a snack like this before and perhaps because of the Japanese influence it is something really refreshing in the UK snack line. It gives a much needed shake up of the well known and loved flavours of : sweet chilli, salt and vinegar, salt and pepper and salted. The green peas are baked with different seasonings so you can feel a lot less guilty about your snacking, especially as Yushoi work with nutritionists, food technologist and health experts, they really hit the government’s aim on the head to encourage better eating habits, but still providing great taste.

I also find that these are much more filling than standard crisps for example Walkers and McCoys, which seem to kick start a hunger for MORE food! If you are expecting the flavour of Walkers- salty, fatty and moreish then you really haven’t come to the right place, as they are a much cleaner, punchier snack. The texture is crunchy yet light, and features well balanced flavours combining the best of British and Japanese. Yushoi is the only snack alongside fruit that I have been reaching for which really shows how well they have played out in my house, and changed my eating habits. You definitely have to give these a try if you are a snackaholic like me and looking to really change up your diet.


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7 thoughts on “Yushoi Snapea rice sticks review

  1. Bought for my 18 month old grandson from Aldi absolutely lovely as I had to try them to make sure he would like them but now I can’t get anymore please we’re can I buy yushoi SnapBack rice sticks


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