Degustabox March Review


degustaIMG_5073March’s Degustabox treated me with a breakfast themed, Easter box of goodies. Growing up I was never fussed about Easter eggs and almost always left them until Christmas (I kid you not), however since countless TOTM’s and moving into my own flat, chocolate doesn’t last two minutes. Immediately the Lindt bunny and packet of Pain au Chocolat’s were calling to me, and as I unpacked the box further I was tantalised by more delicious sweet treats! What I love most about Degustabox is that there is such a range that you will always find something to suit your dietary requirements or taste, and most of the time I will repurchase at least one of the items I have received as they are such a  fantastic way to discover brands. If you still haven’t had a chance to try Degustabox then make sure you use my £6 off code (it isn’t affiliated etc) BLDEG15

giphyjMy box arrived on the final day of lent (24th March), now I am not a practising Christian but for me Easter marks a time to indulge in roast dinners and chocolate after a sparse and conservative February. Now we all know (and love) Chewits, but I couldn’t believe they had been around for FIFTY YEARS?! I thought that it would be apt to begin with the most well known product before carrying you through new discoveries!

Chewits: 4 x 35p

With the price of Freddo’s becoming OUTRAGEOUS I tell you (plus they don’t even taste as good as I remember?!), and chewing gum costing more than just pocket change these days (maybe I am just tight), I was surprised to see that a packet of Chewits only cost 35p. Out of blackcurrant and strawberry the latter is still my favourite, but in terms of texture they seem a lot harder than I remember them to be? Either way 35p Chewits you can’t complain!

Parle: Hide & Seek 59p

I thought it would only be right to follow up with another bargain buy. At 59p for a pack of mouth watering chocolate biscuits you get a big thumbs up from me. Perfect additions to cups of tea and hot chocolate, they are a new discovery for me but claim to be India’s best moulded chocolate chip biscuits. Pete really enjoyed these too and are something I would pick up again for a cheap snack.

IMG_4991IMG_5001Kallo: Quinoa and Seed Multigrain Cakes £1.89

Milk Chocolate Rice Cake Rounds £1.00

Shamefully my cholesterol isn’t quite where it should be for a 22 year old (ouch), and was recommended to start eating rice cakes a while back by my doctor. Salt and Vinegar Snack a Jacks are a frequent feature in my kitchen but aside from that I hadn’t found anything to compare with them. That was until I discovered Kallo, and I have to admit I really didn’t have very high expectations and wasn’t sure if I would like them or not. I have to say though these were my first repurchase of the box, I immediately went to the shops and picked up the wholegrain ones! The chocolate rice cakes are ideal for a sweet treat at just 78 calories, and as for the savoury ones they are perfect with hummous or spreadable cheese. They are light, but satisfying and filling, I can’t recommend them enough.

IMG_5009IMG_5010After declaring March’s box as breakfast themed I have shown you lots of snacks but no breakfast items….well two of my favourite items in the box actually are breakfast themed, and as per usual a drink!

Good Hemp Original: £1.49

As you might have noticed from previous posts I am always on the look out for a great dairy free alternative to milk, however I have to admit I never considered trying hemp seed. I was intrigued after finding out it’s a natural source of Omega 3 and allergen free so was willing to give it a go. I received original, although it is available to buy in Unsweetened, Coconut or Original. The price is around about the same as other dairy free products I buy and definitely didn’t have a potent, overpowering taste that I expected. When poured over cereal it is the BEST dairy free milk I have tried, however I am yet to be convinced about it in tea or coffee (still marginally better than soya though I think).

Weetabix on the go: 2 x £1.50

It’s no secret that I can be lazy when it comes to preparing meals, and even moreso in the morning when I am really not alive until at least 2/3. Weetabix on the go is a protein drink with 4 vitamins, iron and calcium, alongside the energy and fibre you’d get in Weetabix and cereal. Blueberry and blackberry was my favourite flavour as it had a much stronger fruit flavour, but strawberry and raspberry is much lighter in taste if that’s what you want. At £1.50 each they are pricey and I couldn’t afford to have one everyday, but a couple a week I think it is reasonable as they are SO filling which makes them ideal for travelling and eating on the go.

PicMonkey Collage 3Lindt: White Chocolate Bunny £2.99

When my Lindt bunny arrived in tact (a miracle) I was SO excited, but was actually expecting milk chocolate. I felt disappointed when it surfaced that it was white chocolate, that was until I tasted it at least. I have a misjudged preconception about white chocolate, and think that I am going to hate the overly sweet, richness, when in fact I love it! This really is a nice change from milk or dark and very pretty!

Brioche Pasquier: Pain au Chocolat £1.40

Brioche Pasquier isn’t a new brand on my blog, but these pain au chocolat have had a revamp and been filled with a generous helping of crème patissiere. They are wrapped individually which keeps them really fresh and better for a snack. I actually enjoyed all of mine cold but you can heat them in the overn for 2-3 minutes at 200 degrees, which I am really regretting not doing now!

PicMonkey CollageMetcalfe’s- Cinema sweet popcorn £1.50

I am a big fan of Metcalfe’s and have really enjoyed their other flavours but this really wasn’t for me. Pete really enjoyed this and said that it really does taste like cinema popcorn- which unfortunately I don’t like. That being said they are a great low calorie snack at just 93 calories per serving, and sweetened with stevia leaf extract, they have 67 percent less sugar than other sweet popcorns on the market.

Piper’s Crisps- Cheddar and Onion £2

This is the second time I have tried Piper’s crisps, and my previous impression was that the flavour really didn’t stand out. I was proven wrong when I received the cheddar and onion bag as it really packs a punch, and I can see why they have won 23 Gold Great Taste Awards (WOW!). The crisps are made from local potatoes in sunflower oil and the flavourings are from regional suppliers which is much better than standard Walkers in my opinion (although I do love a bag!).

PicMonkey Collage 2Parle: Monaco 39p

Cheaper than Ritz but with a VERY similar taste and texture I am going to be getting these in the future. They definitely have a sweeter after taste which takes a little bit of getting used to, but the price makes me happy and is definitely a flavour I enjoy.

Karyatis: Meze to go £1.99

This tastes remarkably like a starter at Nando’s, and that is a really really good thing! Many a time have Pete and I indulged in it in Brighton, and to be able to have it at home or on the go is amazing. The sweet and smokey red pepper and feta dip is truly a taste explosion and a great pairing with the rosemary crackers (rosemary a flavour I don’t usually enjoy). It seems pricey -which it is, but the flavour really does reflect it.

Kent’s Kitchen- Stuffing pot £1.85 (serves four)

Without emphasising anymore how much of a bad lazy human I am, I love anything that speeds up my time in the kitchen. I have never done stuffing alongside my roasts so it was nice to get a chance to give it a go, particularly with such *out there* flavours. It’s recommended to be served with Pork or Lamb, but I actually enjoyed it with Peri chicken and my gosh it was DEELICIOUS! You simply add boiling water, stir it up, leave it to cool for 2 to 3 minutes and then pop in the oven for 30 whilst the rest of your dinner is cooking. I would love to try other flavours now!

PicMonkey Collage 1 PicMonkey CollageSo as you can see, March’s box was chocker block full of sweet and savoury picks, but in my opinion lacking on the drinks range. That being said I have got to try out lots of new products I wouldn’t usually opt for and some new brands to repurchase from!

Do you subscribe to Degustabox?

13 thoughts on “Degustabox March Review

  1. Did you change your blog’s layout? It seems a little different or maybe I’m finally losing my marbles…

    I really like this month’s box, there’s so much chocolate! Personally I will never try a food subscription, not because I don’t like it but my thighs and waist just don’t need the extra ‘encouragement’ to expand wider than they already have….

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


  2. I haven’t had a Degustabox for over a year, but this is making me want another one! The range of products is always so good and this one seems no different – what a cute theme.

    I thought I was the only one who still had Easter eggs at Christmas when I was younger haha. They definitely doesn’t happen any more…

    Jodie x


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