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Fiordilatte Worthing


I am always reviewing the latest food releases and recipes, that I thought it was only right to give a delicious local business a mention. If it wasn’t perfect enough living opposite the seafront and having restaurants all around me, I now have the best pizza place in my road! I have been about 5 times now and thought that I have given it a fair taste to give them a review. Now if you are expecting Dominos or Pizza Hut then this really isn’t the place/review for you, as the food served up is as close to Italy as we are going to get in the South Coast. Italian is my most tried and tasted, as I am sure many of you will agree when it comes to restaurants or cafe’s, and this is really up there in my top five picks. If you find yourself longing for a seaside trip over Spring or Summer then I would insist that you drop by, as not only is their pizza incredible but their ice-cream is genuinely the best I have EVER tasted, (especially the Pistachio, my personal favourite). And don’t get me wrong I am by no means biased, I have never had a free meal or been sponsored AND I certainly showcase the places to avoid in Warwick Street on TripAdvisor if you ever are visiting!

12 Fiordilatte has a chilled out vibe without being unkempt and  uncared for. It is the sort of place you can relax in after whatever you have been doing for the day, and not feel obliged to dress up (I have seen people in walking and fitness gear). And if sitting down isn’t your style then they have a wide range of home-made ice-creams to take away in a tub, cone or large container, as well as all their hot food, and items from the deli counter.

What makes me feel most at ease is the stone oven in full view of your dining, with the ability to watch your meal being prepared- from the slicing of the Italian meats, to the bubbling, hand rolled dough leaving the oven. Instead of a noisy, agitated kitchen behind doors (I know of the chaos too well), it makes the atmosphere much more relaxing and you don’t mind waiting for your food to come out- especially when you have a nice glass of wine to accompany you.

34 5 6It’s the perfect place for lunching, and whilst I usually opt for the pizza, both my Nan and Pete made that their immediate choice so I decided on sampling a panini, with some bruschetta in case I wasn’t full enough!! Everything is completely fresh and made on the premises- I thought it would be easier to show an explanation they provide as it is put perfectly:

wp044743c5_06 The pizzas range from £5- £7.95, which is an incredible price rivalling the local ASK and Pizza Express also in Warwick Street. I also wasn’t disappointed by my panini despite expecting to be underwhelmed. There is nothing better than fresh tomato, mozzarella and basil, on super fresh bread. I was completely stuffed despite expecting to be left wanting more, and my Grandma could hardly finish her pizza which is a great sign when it was only £5!!! The chef really has some incredible skills and talent, combining fresh Italian flavours and a personal flair.

Out of everything I am still adamant that the ice-cream is the most incredible thing to come out of Fiordilatte. As I mentioned Pistachio is my favourite flavour, we have paid £8 for a tub of it as it is truly magnificent, but on this occasion Pete had a cone and my Nan and I enjoyed it in a tub. It is rich, soft, creamy and really packs a flavour punch which is everything you want and need in an ice-cream.

wp3a28ba9b_06I haven’t been sponsored or asked to do this post, I just really love Fiordilatte. It is the best pick of Warwick Street and definitely one to visit if you are ever in Worthing. After writing this post I think I am going to have to make another visit next week again!

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