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Eat your photo: chance to win your own cupcakes!

eatΒ I have a few obsessions in life, but if anyone knows me well enough the TOP TWO are food and photos. I get complained at for the excessive amount of snaps I take when I am out, and I complain at MYSELF for the excessive amount of sweet and savoury snacks I indulge in. However when I discovered the company ‘Eat Your Photo’ I realised that my two favourite things had been merged into one- cupcakes with your choice of photo on them! Gone are the days of edible paper transfers, E.Y.P present a gorgeous disc of icing on a delightfully thick buttercream topping. These were the perfect treat for Pete & I, but would make an even better present for my Dad- as who doesn’t want their three perfect children on an edible gift πŸ˜‰IMG_3401Β As you can see above, Eat Your Photo are completely transparent about their ingredients so you can conquer any allergy fears. I received the plain cake- which was by no means bland, it was moist, fluffy and delicious, and has a handful of the expected ingredients. It does have flavourings and emulsifiers, but it needs to stay fresh and delicious through travel! The icing is absolutely out of this world; a rich buttercream icing tops the cupcake, followed by an icing disc with your chosen photo. Aside from cupcakes they also sell personlised: pizzas, biscuits, brownies, chocolates AND caricatures!Β IMG_3397Β Now for the fun part- if you were intrigued by my review and itching to try some of these delicious cupcakes then you are in luck, as Eat Your Photo and I have teamed up for one of my lucky readers to win 6 personalised cupcakes of their own!winΒ All you have to do is follow me @blondeofcarbs and @EatYourPhoto and post your Twitter @ down below with what photo you would choose for your cupcakes.

(Contest ends 19/04/16, and is UK only sorry guys)

Good luck ❀

41 thoughts on “Eat your photo: chance to win your own cupcakes!

  1. Ahhhh I’m trying to be ‘good’ atm but these are too tempting! That’s such a cute picture you’ve got on then. I would probably put a picture of me and my sister on them!
    Amy xx


  2. I have a professional taken photo of me and my partner that I would put on some cupcakes! We already had them put on mugs as jokey Christmas gifts for friends and family.


  3. I would have a photo of my son as as baby – and then give them to him as a present for his 21st birthday next month


  4. I would choose a photo of my mum and dad’s wedding, so I could surprise them for their 36th wedding anniversary this year. πŸ™‚ @TeenyWhale


  5. I’d choose a photo of my big sister as she deserves a special she is taking me away for a holiday next month after having a pretty bad couple of years she thought I was in need of a break! She’s a wonderful sister, so she definitely deserves a treat and these would be perfect! πŸ™‚ @emmafifema


  6. @baskervillenat1 I would pick one of the first pictures take of me and my husband together when we were dating ready for our upcoming anniversary.


  7. @baskervillenat1 I would choose one the first pictures of me and my husband together when we were dating ready for our upcoming anniversary.


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