The Crackin’ Egg Co

 When it comes to preparing food, I have to admit that I am obscenely lazy. As long as I have pre-packaged salad, bags of fruit and smoothies available then I am good to go, but actually having to PREP healthy food, you can think again… Bags of crisps and instant food is so much easier than actually cooking, and when my insomnia hits me hard I really don’t have any energy. The Crackin’ Egg co. are spot on when it comes to work lunches or easy snacks; I have previously tried their other flavours (see this post for more), but was keen to try their traditional ‘salt and black pepper’ eggs. The boxes of eggs are available in multipacks of 6 or a box of two, painted, free range eggs (which is what I got to try).IMG_4723 In your Crackin’ Egg box you will find a silver seasoning sachet- what’s in it depends on what flavour you have chosen! Mine is the salt and black pepper seasoning which to me is the perfect accompaniment to a boiled egg. The eggs inside are painted different colours depending on the flavour theme, but there is also a very good reason for them doing it too. ‘When a hen lays an egg, the shell already has a protective coating on it to stop bad bacteria from getting in. When we boil our eggs, this coating is removed and so to ensure they remain in tip top condition, we paint them. Our paint is made from a food safe, natural wax and pigment so all the goodness remains sealed in for you to enjoy.’

 I think the different colour paint is also a fun way to enjoy them, it has a nostalgic reminder of my childhood ‘art sessions’, and to me makes them more appealing to eat and store (yes I am a little shallow!).IMG_4765 Another positive about these brightly coloured beauties, is that you can store your eggs WHEREVER you like as long as it’s a cool, dry place, under 20 degrees, which means that you don’t even need to keep them in the fridge (although I personally do before travelling). 

 They are also packed full of vitamins!

 I explained in a previous post about eggs that they aren’t actually bad for your cholesterol (well in moderation like all good things)! We need cholesterol in our diet to help us digest, and eating eggs actually helps the fat mobilise around our bodies more effectively and the bad cholesterol becomes benign (yup that’s right!). Boiled eggs are much healthier than fried eggs or buttery rich scrambled eggs (but that’s a no brainer). They also contain Vitamin A, D and B which means less multi vitamins and more vitamin enriched food!! And one for the calorie conscious, each medium egg only contains 66 calories and they are SO filling that they are the ideal HANGRY snack. IMG_4771 They are really easy to peel open, which is an absolute blessing as I do tend to struggle (bless), and still have a really creamy yolk which I don’t find if I make them myself and then refrigerate them. They work perfectly sliced up in a sandwich, but for me I just love them dipped in a little bit of the salt and pepper mix. You don’t need too much but it really elevates the flavour, and for me is my favourite pack of them all. I also think that the blue colour is really striking and a pack I would purchase again. IMG_4792 IMG_4798 You can pick these babies up from Ocado, however they are unfortunately out of stock at the moment (because they are so darn delicious). I would definitely recommend keeping up with their Facebook or Twitter for updates on when they will be available to buy again!

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5 thoughts on “The Crackin’ Egg Co

  1. Why don’t I ever come across something as cool as this ever?! That being said, I am a bit of a food snob when it comes to food preparation. I hate buying pre-package and much prefer to do from scratch. It drives my husband absolutely bonkers because he thinks it’s unnecessary stress. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


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