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Most mornings I find myself facing a battle with my wardrobe and inner monologue. Yes I can be a drama queen, but when you’re tired and borderline late it really adds to the stress of not wanting to wear anything you own- even worse, when everything you try on just doesn’t look right! To avoid the floordrobe situation I have previously planned my outfits the night before and had everything laid out in advance, but this was still to no avail- the weather is as unpredictable as my mood. After grabbing jeans for months I decided that I was completely fed up and had an ASOS sale haul where I picked up some new skirts to switch up my cold weather attire.

At times I find myself adding too much colour into an outfit in fear of becoming a black and white mannequin, however this has resulted in some tragic unmentionables. Black is not a failsafe or an easy/boring choice, sometimes it just looks good. I am much more comfortable in skirts and dresses layered up for Winter than ‘expected’ pieces. As mentioned in my previous OOTD I have been building up a capsule wardrobe of pieces just like my roll neck, black leather bag, wool beret and knee high boots. I hate being such a vacuum for minute Fashion and a slave to shiny new trends that I decided to create the basics, and then buy additional seasonal pieces I have room for (and ultimately love of course).

collageIMG_4487 IMG_4489 IMG_4496 IMG_4491

I am currently saving for a bigger property so ASOS sale is my best friend at the moment. I have been clearing out and also reviving golden oldie pieces, but as Easter is here I am hoping and praying that Spring pieces are going to be needed soon!

6 thoughts on “The daily look

  1. Love, love, love the outfit! I adore the pop of red from the skirt, such a lovely addition to an all black outfit. You know what? I am the opposite of you as in I am way more comfortable in jeans than skirts and dresses. It’s easier to run after my two years old. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


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