Beanies- Cinder Toffee & Chocolate Orange coffee


Sometimes the only way I can kickstart the morning is with a good cup of coffee. I have always been devoted to cups of tea morning, afternoon and night, but they don’t give me the same boost that instant coffee does. I wish I was a morning person, or could summon up natural energy and bound to work, but that is just not me.

I went through a phase of siphoning a lot of my money into my Starbucks account and indulging in speciality hot drinks; my coffee at home just didn’t compare. I also found buying pods for my Tassimo exhausted my bank account, it just wasn’t a sustainable way to enjoy hot drinks. Not satisfied with ordinary coffee I opted for cups of tea as my drink of choice, that was at least until I got to finally try Beanies coffee. A brand I had seen on one or two blogs and been completely intrigued by the delicious flavours and ridiculously low calorie count. There were so many flavours to choose from that I found it difficult to decide on what I would enjoy the most. I thought about what Tassimo pods I had tried and what drinks I opt for at Starbucks and went for two flavours that I hoped would kick my expensive hot drink habit:

Cinder Toffee £2.50 *

Chocolate Orange £2.50 *

IMG_1961IMG_1962On first impressions I was a huge fan of the bold and bright packaging with the brand name displayed centrally, important information and very cute illustrations on the sticker. Before the jars of coffee arrived I didn’t realise how low in calories they were, so when they arrived and I spotted the 2 calories per cup feature I was sold, particularly after my rude awakening of how many calories are in Costa and Starbucks drinks (yikes). Speaking of coffee shops these jars of coffee are so much cheaper than my early morning stop offs. The jars are £2.50 each which is still less than I pay ONE drink (eek)- we’re onto a good start already! However the proof of whether they are worth a repurchase is in the tasting, and it didn’t take me too long to get to it!

The first HUGE bonus I noticed with Beanie’s is that the instant coffee is sweet enough without any added sugar which is a huge benefit for me as I have a teaspoon per cup… and boy can those cups build up! Secondly they really are enjoyable without milk, much more than just black coffee by itself, however I still prefer mine toned down. In terms of flavour the cinder toffee is my favourite by far, the flavouring isn’t sickly or overpowering, but packs enough punch to enjoy the honeycomb blend. The chocolate orange is a stronger instant coffee and I can only enjoy it with milk, and sometimes a little sweetener as it can have a bitter after taste. That being said I really enjoy the injection of orange and is a coffee flavour I haven’t experienced before.

OZMZ1135 The coffee is definitely well worth £2.50 a jar, especially if you are anything like me and love a takeaway beverage or two! Out of the two I would recommend the cinder toffee as it is palatable with or without milk and sugar which makes it a lot lower in fat and calories, as well as being a delicious wake up call!

Have you tried Beanies before? If so, what flavours should I try next?

9 thoughts on “Beanies- Cinder Toffee & Chocolate Orange coffee

  1. I’m not really a coffee person but these sound delicious, especially the chocolate orange flavour!! I’ve never seen the brand personally but at £2.50 for the jar, I’m sure that’s cheaper than Nutella! 🙂 xx

    Yasmina | The July Journal


  2. Hey! Great writing as always, I actually really like instant coffee and prefer it! Sorry I haven’t been so active on your blog lately – I’ve been super busy. A friend and I created an app called Watcher, it’s a safety app for people who are afraid to walk home alone at night. Through some terrible experiences of my own (http://danikamaia.com/watcher-safety-app) I’ve learned you can never be too cautious and I’m super excited to share this new project! If you’ve every been scared walking home alone at night, I’d love if you could help me in spreading the word about Watcher so we can build a community of people looking out for each other.



  3. Did someone mention ‘low calorie’? I need anything and everything low calories these days because I swear I gain 5 pounds just by looking at a glass of water. I have yet to see this brand here in Canada, are they UK only? I’ll double check again when I go grocery shopping next week.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


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