Cinema Date

 Dates are few and far between for me, Pete & I are in our 4th year of being together & don’t tend to do the whole evening dating. However one thing we do manage to do a lot together is visit the cinema. It is such a cliché that everyone loves films, but before I met Pete I really wasn’t that bothered. I had (and still do) watched Harry Potter hundreds of times, but when found with free time I would never just sit down and watch a film. Luckily for me Pete has introduced me to a lot and now I take every opportunity I can to visit the cinema. Pete is a Hunger Games fan, but for me I am a sucker for the Divergent series so I booked tickets for the release date of Allegiant at The Dome Cinema on Worthing seafront.
Cinema Date


I used to dress up for almost any occasion, and it really does make you feel better, but after years of living on the seafront practicality more than often wins. My wardrobe will slim down at times, but then I will max it out to full capacity the next month. I do have key pieces that I renew each year but they still remain the same style. For me I have to have a classic trench coat, a denim shirt, a tartan scarf, some super comfy flat ankle boots AND a well fitting pair of jeans. If I manage to nab all of these then I feel like I’m good to go in terms of a foundation for a capsule wardrobe.

#1 #2 #3If I were to visit The Dome in the evening I definitely would have opted for an evening top with my jeans, but dressing up anymore (I feel) would only be warranted if we were going out for dinner before or afterwards.

What are your ‘must-have’ pieces in your wardrobe?

15 thoughts on “Cinema Date

  1. Aaaah I actually love all of these pieces, such a classic outfit! I haven’t seen any of the divergent films, I’m more of a hunger games fan although I’d probably love them if I actually went to the cinema more! Xxx


  2. You can never go wrong with a gorgeous trench coat, you look absolutely lovely. My husband and I almost never go out for date nights anymore too, we do go for movies once in a blue moon when there’s something really good playing in the cinema. And no kidding about not dressing up all the time anymore, I’m the same, it’s all about practicality these days. LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


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