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Degustabox February Review

Eating has turned into somewhat of a hobby of mine since Christmas, one that has beaten fitness and exercise down to take their place. I have to admit I have never understood those who just rely on food for fuel/ survival, I enjoy good food and drink, just perhaps need to rein it in a tad until I can get back into some routine of fitness. Luckily for me this months box is packed with nutritious, low calorie but yummy options for me to snack on when I need a little bit of a boost.

gg(I am too much Patrick I can’t handle it)

If you are new to Degustabox* then make sure you take advantage of £6 OFF your first box with the code BLDEG15. The usual price is £12.99 a month which is still an incredible price for 9 to 14 surprise products, and lots of the products (and sometimes brands) are completely new so you will get a chance to try them exclusively. snacksI really struggle to control my snacking, whether I am exercising or not, eating a balanced diet or not, it is just something I have learnt to live with. Snacking on raw veg, fruit or rice cakes is mostly okay, but this year my habits have branched out to Subway Cookies, Easter Eggs and whatever I can get my hands on! An introduction to new snacks that are kinder to my waistline were long overdue so February’s box was received with open arms.


DivineCaramel Milk chocolate & Caramel Dark Chocolate £1.00

When perusing Oxfam for books I almost always spot Divine bars, but rarely pick them up due to the price (which by the way is completely justified, just not in my budget). £1 for a Fairtrade, natural, free from pal oil and vegetarian chocolate bar is spot on and I wish that I could afford to buy them more often. The caramel bars are exactly what you need when you’re craving an indulgent treat, and these certainly hit the spot. I am not usually a Dark Chocolate fan however I opted for that bar and gave my Milk Chocolate to Pete to try. The dark chocolate works perfectly with the sweet, oozing caramel and I would actually opt to buy this over the milk from now on. They far outmatch their ordinary bars and I would definitely recommend these- I will be picking a couple up ASAP!

Beloved DatesDate & Berry Bar, Date & Seed Bar 59p

Cereal bars get such a bad press & definitely aren’t the healthiest option for a grab and go breakfast. However Beloved Bars aren’t packed full of additives and added sugar, instead they are created with natural date nectar, quality ingredients and cold pressed. You can’t compare them to other cereal bars as they are nutritious, filling AND not too calorific. They contain 130 calories per bar, are a great source of fibre, wholegrain oats and are low in salt.

Mr KiplingFruity Cranberry & Orange Slice £1.49 (4 slices)

I was happy to receive a fruity slice as opposed to the chocolate or coconut variety as I really need to distance myself from too much chocolate. I already love Mr. Kipling slices, but these are totally different to my usual choice of angel slices, they are moist, packed with toasted oats and honey, and 132 calories per slice. To me they are a flapjack and cake hybrid, and who could say no to that really? These are the perfect handbag snack (at least that’s what I’m going to be doing).

 IMG_2437 Hartley’s- Fruit in Jelly 50p, Fat free Jelly pot 70p

I am the kind of person who eats jelly straight out of the packet, no need for boiling water and setting in the fridge, I am all over the gelatine cubes. So bad but so good. I was completely oblivious however to the amount of calories I was consuming, and how much less I would be eating if I could actually be bothered to make the jelly up in a mould. The Hartley’s pots are so much more convenient for me as I am super lazy, plus I personally think they taste better AND the fat free, cranberry and raspberry are only ten calories. They are SO wibbly wobbly which makes them fun to eat, and a little hard to stay on the spoon!

IMG_2450SarsonsLimited Edition malt vinegar 70p

Vinegar might not excite some people, but if you know me well enough then you’ll know how much I appreciate this. I love a well salted and vinegared bag of chips, the smell emananates at the seaside and I am immediately craving. I can pop pickled onions and gherkins like nobodies business (although my little bro beats me at the food stakes here). Sarson’s is the UK’s Number one vinegar brand, and they are releasing limited edition bottles with Paul Thurby’s Fish and Chip characters. The packaging is quirky and cute for a seaside fanatic as I am, but really it is essentially a bottle of vinegar.

The London Crisp CompanySweet Chili crisps £2.29

Hand-cooked crisps you can find in Selfridges, Waitrose, Fuller’s pubs (London) and Tesco, for £2.29 I thought these babies were a little steep. As with all sharing bags of crisps I find them easily demolishable, and sweet chilli would definitely be my preferred option of all flavour offerings, however the sweet chilli really didn’t come through. There was a subtle taste paired with the indulgent, crunchy crisps, I am not complaining as they were delicious, but I definitely expected more of an actual flavour to the crisp…other than potato!

Ritz- Crisp & Thin Salt & Black Pepper £2.19

In a similar price bracket to the London Crisp Company I initially didn’t think Pete and I would favour these, being addicts to hand cooked crisps in sharing bag size. I am not a huge fan of other brands take on oven baked crisps but these were completely delicious, and thankfully the flavour really did pack a punch. I shared these over a film with Pete & I can safely say that it will be a repurchase if we see them whilst shopping. breakfastIMG_2444NutribixWholegrain cereal £3.79 

I am accustomed to quick sugar hits, and buttery toast in the morning so this is definitely one I will have to get used to. In my mind it is a healthy version of Weetabix, made with coconut, honey and an ancient grain called Sorghum to create a crunchy breakfast biscuit. Texturally for me, it just wasn’t happening. I would have needed to add so much sugar or honey to enjoy eating it that it would have defeated the purpose. Please don’t be put off because of me, I have slumped into too much unhealthiness and will definitely re-try it when I get back into fitness.


drinksVitHit- Citrus, Ginseng & White Tea £1.80

Juice based soft drinks are right up my street, especially when they contain no added sugar, and as little as 35 calories like this baby. VitHit also has 100 percent of your Daily Recommended Allowance of 8 different vitamins, and is made with real juice, no preservatives, colourings or flavourings. Iced tea and juice is something I haven’t tried much of, but fell in love when I sampled TG Teas. This is a good lunch time thrist quencher, and another ‘good for on the go’.

Nari Juice- Coconut palm sap with apple & mint £1.99

This. Was. Incredible! As you may have guessed from reading this review, I like to be presented with a real taste explosion and the apple and mint does this and more. Only recently becoming a coconut convert I was concerned how this would taste, but it can only be described as the best non alcoholic mojito I will probably EVER taste, and a new unique soft drink that I have to stock up on for Summer as it is delicious. If you buy one thing please let it be this!

J2O- Pear & Raspberry, Apple & Watermelon £2.49

At 63 calories per drink they are the perfect non alcoholic choice, and the flavours are mouth watering. Apple & Watermelon is a transportation to sweets as a child, but also holiday drinks, it is refreshingly delicious. Pear and raspberry was what I gave Pete to try and he really enjoyed it, minus a lot of it cascading onto the bed due to being shaken on the journey here! I DO wish the flavour was a little more intense, but the subtle fruity notes make this a great pairing with food.


Once again for me, it is always the drinks that blow me away the most as they are almost always new products or brands. However this box has really surprised me with some natural, fairtrade and generally yummy treats. I have found new products that I am aiming to repurchase and I must admit I do need a lot of persuading. If you haven’t already subbed then don’t forget you can get £6 off the usual price of £13 with the code BLDEG15. Happy sampling!


14 thoughts on “Degustabox February Review

  1. Talk about delicious! Everything looks so tasty, yum yum! I especially like the sound of the Divine chocolate bars, they sound gorgeous! I do have a sweet tooth and would LOVE to try one hehe! I’ll have to pick one up the next time I visit my local Oxfam :).

    I hope that you’ve had a great weekend lovely lady :).

    El xxxx



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