Sending for Spring feat Joy and Moda in pelle

UntitledWinter has run its course and waiting another month for Spring to officially arrive is considerably painful. I have always been one to favour the colder months (my extreme pale skin should be the biggest giveaway), but I am longing to wear pretty dresses and skip the extreme layering that helps me fend from the icy sea wind.  

When I am lucky enough to select my favourite dress off JOY the store there is no way the weather is going to prevent me from wearing it. I must admit I added a pair of tights and a thick heavy coat for my shopping and lunch outing, but my new Moda in Pelle shoes went so perfectly with my new dress that I couldn’t help but show them off together. The yellow in the shoes really amplifies the outfit and introduces Spring into my wardrobe amidst the blacks, greys and knitwear. #3 #4logo

Louche Shaleah Twist-Neck Dress

Winter weather can suck me into a vacuum of monochromatic shades paired with jeans, but after putting this dress on it reminded me how much more confident I feel by making an effort, and how my Fashion choices really affect my mood.
Despite the dress featuring long sleeves, a high neck and sitting at knee length, the small details make this much more than just a conservative dress. The twist neck detail and keyhole feature is a simple, quirky reveal of minimal skin but adds a gorgeous design element. The elasticated waist is also a necessity to accentuate the waist and give the perfect shape to the dress.  It’s a comfortable and classy dress that has the possibility of being layered for Winter, or a great stand alone piece for Spring (which I am really holding out for).
The smallest size available is an 8, whilst I usually opt for a size 6 and Petite when I have the option. However thanks to the elasticated waist it fits perfectly even if you aren’t usually a size 8 in dresses.

#5moda-in-pelleCappi in Yellow


I am a huge fan of mustards and yellows for accessories and small outfit details so as soon as I spotted the Cappi heels in yellow they were immediately my first choice. Usually I would opt to pair them with a plain block colour or my usual go to- black! However as the heels are a standalone colour but still a loud addition to an outfit they worked perfectly with the retro print of my Louche dress. If you are like me and still have jeans as your go to piece then they are ideal for black, ripped skinnies for a lunch or dinner date. They are a ten cm heels (approx. 4 inches), which is actually relatively high for me as I haven’t worn heels for a good long while, but they are super easy to walk in. I love the pointed toes as it is definitely the design for flats and heels that have encompassed my wardrobe this year.

I am a size 5 but sometimes my feet can have a tendency to need wide fit heels as my bones pose as an irritating obstacle. If you usually have no problem with heels fitting then these are definitely true to size and you will be good to go, but just bear in mind if you do have wide feet then you may need a larger size than usual.

Sizing aside these beautiful Moda in Pelle shoes were sent with ‘A night at the Oscars’ in mind, and whilst my life isn’t quite as glamorous as I wish it could be, I definitely made an effort to feel good at the weekend. Even better was finding out that Leo finally won an Oscar!!! A long overdue accolade but a fully deserved one after getting the chance to see ‘The Revenant’ only last week.

IMG_1031 If you are feeling fed up with Winter and itching for Spring like me then a beautiful pair of brightly coloured heels are just the trick, and Moda in Pelle have a gorgeous selection that I have only recently taken the time to peruse. As for JOY you will be swamped with classy, transitional dresses that you can layer up for colder weather and then ditch the additional warmth for Spring and pair with some heels to feel extra fab!

18 thoughts on “Sending for Spring feat Joy and Moda in pelle

  1. What a beautiful outfit! You look gorgeous my lovely :). I’m so in love with your new dress, it’s absolutely beautiful! I especially like the high neck design, it’s so stylish and the retro print is so pretty :).
    Oh my your yellow heels are so dreamy, I LOVE them! They are just right for Spring and just perfect for adding a splash of colour to any outfit :).

    I hope you’re having a great week hun, El xxxx


  2. I absolutely love Joy although it’s one of those shops I’ve only wishfully browsed through and not actually bought anything from! Love the yellow heels with that dress too, you look lovely 🙂
    Amy xx Call Me Amy


  3. When I first migrated from Malaysia to Canada in September 2014, I was so sure that I would hate the colder months and love Summer. Surprise, surprise, I hated Summer and love Autumn and Winter. LOL! My family and friends were shocked to find out I love the colder months but I really like how pleasant everything is. I do look forward wearing shorts again though so bring on Spring time!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity


  4. Ahh you babe! I love both the dress and shoes (and I’m rocking my own Moda In Pelle shoesies in my latest post, twinnies haha :)) – can’t wait for the weather to warm up so I can start wearing more outfits like this 🙂

    Claire | xx


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