Adagio loose tea and ingenuiTEA review

UntitledDespite my frequent tea consumption I have always only considered tea bags for green or black tea. Often I have admired loose tea & pondered what the best infuser or strainer would be to pick up but never actually invested in anything. When Adagio contacted me and introduced me to their loose teas and incredible ingenuiTEA I was ridiculously excited as I knew this would completely change my drinking habits. The range of flavours available was extensive, and some so unique I had never heard of them. It took me a while to decide what took my fancy the most so I picked a variety and the opportunity to try green, herbal and black tea.   

Each loose tea flavour I tried were the sample packets which make 10 cups for £1.50 which I think is a really reasonable price for trialling and well worth it. IMG_1972

Cocomint Green blended with green tea, cocoa nibs, natural chocolate mint flavour and peppermint leaves (Price range £1.50- £18)

I’ve heard of chocolate flavoured teas before but imagined that it was something I really wouldn’t enjoy, however the idea of chocolate mint was appealing to me and sparked childhood memories of aero and mint choc chip ice-cream. For green tea this is really exceptional- it remains refreshing but indulgent without being full of nasties. I really enjoy this before bed as there’s only a moderate level of caffeine.

Spearmint  herbal, spearmint, natural decaf tea (Price range £1.25-£9)

Summer rose blended with black tea, rose petals and rose flavour (high level of caffeine) Price range £1.25- £15)

After much consideration the summer rose tea has to be favourite of the bunch as I am an adorner or rose scent and taste. Once it begins to infuse naughty and indulgent Turkish delight fills my thoughts, and once tasted a delicate, floral flavour emerges. It can be served hot or cold, and as it’s a black tea is perfectly fine with milk- although it really isn’t necessary, the flavour is beautiful without.

Blood orange Decaf tea, blended with orange peels, hibiscus, rose hips and natural orange flavour. (Price range £1.25- £16)

Another naturally decaf, herbal tea, but this time a flavour I had never considered for a tea before. It has a beautiful, vibrant colour and smells incredible whilst steeping. I had high hops for this as I expected a strong, punchy flavour, however after waiting the stated time it didn’t seem to taste as strong as I had hoped. It is still lovely nonetheless and doesn’t taste sweet or artificial as all the ingredients are natural, but I would have hoped for something a little stronger. IMG_2009Untitledme£16* (makes 470ml tea- 2 cups approx.)

As mentioned previously I have always opted for teabags and purely through ease of use and quantity I can purchase. However once I started using the ingenuiTEA I realised how easy it is to make loose tea with and how much better it tastes than my usual Tetley. For £16 it is a great investment as it’s super easy to clean and use. You simply open the lid, pop a teaspoon of your chosen tea leaves inside, fill up with 100 degrees hot water, and leave for the time stated on the packet. You then place the ingenuiTEA ON TOP of your mug and the filtered tea will flow out leaving the drained tea leaves in the mesh filter.

You can clean the ingenuiTEA in the dishwasher (if you are lucky enough to have one, however it is just as easy to clean by hand. Make sure you pop the tea leaves in the bin and not down the sink though, they don’t seem to degrade and can block it up. (Yup tried and tested…or tried and failed).IMG_2033

Star Wars Captain Phasma Metallic Mug

£8.00 * (Joy the store)
I am a little bit of a mug collector and had a very brave clear out the other week, but thought it would be nice to give Pete a Star Wars one for his birthday so I can make him my Chocolate Orange Hot Chocolate for him. I do however ‘borrow it’ to make my tea in as it’s the perfect size, and quite frankly I love the Force Awakens as much as him, so sharing is perfectly acceptable!

IMG_1944You can watch my Insta video to see the ingenuiTEA in action and how quick, easy and enjoyable it is to use.

17 thoughts on “Adagio loose tea and ingenuiTEA review

  1. Oh my god summer rose sounds amazing! I’ve never had loose tea apart from in a cafe but I always fancy the idea of owning my own strainer etc. These are really good value for loose teas I think as price is always something that’s put me off too!
    Amy xx Call Me Amy


  2. Oh my goodness, I’m obsessed with tea. I have to say my favourite has to be Earl Grey, especially in loose leaf form (using my pug tea strainer haha!)

    The chocolate one sounds amazing, I’ve never really strayed away from the normal teas but would love to try some new flavours xxxx


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