Smooth pins for Valentines Day feat Nair


I’ve got to admit waxing is something I participate in very rarely; I am more of a daily Venus razor kinda gal. I know that shaving isn’t the best way, I have to do it every single day and I end up with accidental bleeding cuts when I am in a rush. The Nair wax strips claim to leave you hairless for up to four weeks, which is a huge life-saver if you can actually bear the pain. The wax strips are said to work on hair as short as 2MM so there’s no need to wait whilst your hair grows to ridiculous lengths. The box also claimed that the strips don’t need to be rubbed or physically heated up. So after filling myself with info I got stuck into the boxes to see what I thought. ##1

The basic razor head 4 packs I buy cost me £8.29 per month as I change the head every week, so in terms of comparing prices the wax strips are actually cheaper AND they should take one session of waxing per month. Full leg waxing in the salon costs £21, and bikini waxing from £9-£27 depending on what you wanted specifically. I personally don’t feel comfortable with going to a salon and paying the prices, plus I feel that I can manage the pain better myself, as I know my threshold and when I need to stop.

##2##3Before using the wax strips I showered with the Lush ‘The Rough With The Smooth’ £5.95, I discovered it in the Post Christmas sales and it’s a great exfoliator whilst injecting plenty of moisture. Once I was dried I decided to give the strips a go with trepidation. The pack said the wax doesn’t need warming up, but as per tested at 20 degrees, unfortunately it’s ice cold lately so I had to rub them with my fingers to warm them up a little to soften the wax.


I decided to start with my calves before venturing to other body parts, I have had a few painful DIY sessions that I definitely didn’t want repeated. I applied one half of the wax strip onto my calf, smoothed down completely. I then removed the strip in the direction of my hair growth (knees to toes), and it removed the hair really easily with little residue. However the small amount of wax that was left comes off really easily with post-waxing wipe that leaves you moisturised and shiny.

Instead of using the facial strips on my face I actually used them for my bikini line as they are the perfect size. However you really need to pay attention to the advice of keeping the skin taut, as I suffered a little bit of bruising and bleeding through complete fault of my own. Both strip sizes are reusable until they no longer stick to your skin, I would say I could use them about three times before they stopped removing hair. ##5After application I used my ‘Charity Pot’  £13.50 lotion which is really nourishing and Lush donate 100% of the price (minus the taxes) to small, grassroots organisations which is a really big deal to me. You don’t actually need any extra moisturising after using the post-waxing wipe, but if you’ve dried off then it’s a good idea to make sure your skin is kept soft.

I had a negative preconception of waxing before trying the Japanese Cherry Blossom packs. I am usually a lazy hair remover and have ventured from epilation to hair removal cream and daily shaving, but nothing beats waxing in my opinion and I will carry on buying these boxes from now on, I am so impressed! I really surprised myself as someone who would have picked shaving over any other options so they are well worth a go.

13 thoughts on “Smooth pins for Valentines Day feat Nair

  1. Haha you sound like me when you shave- I look like I’ve been in the wars when I’m done in the shower 😛 These at home wax strips sound like they do a great job- I like that they don’t leave residue, as I’ve had that problem with waxing strips in the past. Also, professional waxes are horrifyingly embarrassing! Me and my friend dared each other to get a ‘brazillian’ when we were 17 and I’ve never been back since than haha!

    Rachel xx


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