His & Hers Valentines with 7th heaven

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 Not everyone can afford or even want to go out on Valentine’s Day; Peter & I are staying in on the actual day and instead having a combined celebration of both his birthday AND Valentines the week after. One idea that I have always liked is a DIY pamper evening suited to both of you (not just treats for the girls). Now Pete is always apprehensive when it comes to experimenting with face masks, but I do them so often at home that I have finally convinced him to join in. Winter takes its toll on skin regardless of our sex; we all have the same skin so it’s important that we take care of it. I thought a pamper evening is a really fun way to bond, get involved and have a giggle this 14th! #2My 7th Heaven have put together a range of aphrodisiac face masks for men and women alike to leave you and your partner fresh faced with that perfect rosy glow. Peter & I were treated to three rounds of Valentines Day prep to get us feeling in the mood for love. The masks are around £1 each so super cheap, but still really effective, and are available in gift sets too if you wanted a special treat.

round 1

HER: Banana and Honey Face Mask

Made from fresh bananas and a rich, sticky honey, this face mask was made to make more than one person happy. This face mask not only brightens dull skin, it will leave it feeling silky, smooth and incredibly peachy. 

HIM: Chocolate Mocha Face Mask

Stacked with dark Belgian chocolate, this face mask is a blend of crushed cocoa beans, and soft and creamy Shea butter.

#3 round twoHER: Juiced Grapefruit Foot Soak and Pressed Mint Foot Lotion

As much as you may love or hate feet, they need TLC. To get you going, this foot soak is packed with citrusy grapefruit and even has a hint of refreshing cucumber. You may need to ask your fella to give you a hand with the foot care lotion…

HIM: Sweet Almond Oil Heels

If you’re beginning to feel a little left out gentlemen, brace yourselves, this sweet almond foot care scrub tickles just a little. 

#4 round 3HER: Pineapple Peel-Off

We all need to harness some natural juicy powers, especially at our most vulnerable times. But with this facemask all you need to do is lay back relax and let the crushed grape, juiced pineapple and pulped papaya do the talking.

HIM: Passion Peel-Off

Gentlemen, if you are beginning to get a little complacent, this passion peel-off will get your juices flowing. Steeped with pomegranate, passion flower, raspberry, grape, cranberry, this mask will give you the big finish you’ve been looking for.

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 Overall it was a really fun experience where we got to spend quality time together, which makes a huge difference from sitting in front of the television or XBOX, I would definitely recommend a DIY pamper evening whether it’s on Valentines or just for a weekend treat!

17 thoughts on “His & Hers Valentines with 7th heaven

  1. I am definitely the same when it comes to valentines day, my boyfriend and I just exchange cards and get some nice food in together now! My bf also loves face masks hahah, such a great idea, he looks like he’s enjoying it too! xxx


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