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January Degustabox


#1After last months indulgent box I was glad to see a healthier, low fat box delivered this month to help with my post Christmas belly and effects of non-existent exercise. January’s box is definitely weighted towards savoury snacks and meals, but I’m not complaining as I find myself indulging less in sweet snacks and more in savoury. If that isn’t your thing then don’t worry as there are chocolate, drinks, fruit snacks AND fruit syrup included. Degustabox * is usually £12.99, but you can use my £6 off discount code BLDEG15  if it’s your first box, which is an incredible price for 10 items!

When it comes to Asian cuisine I am the queen of takeaways, don’t get me wrong I have had my fair share of tries but that is as far as it goes. Kits, packets and sauces are my go to’s when I am making anything I am not familiar with at home, however sometimes they don’t pan out well; maybe because I expect the taste of a fat filled takeaway tsk. In this months box, the savoury goodies I received were:



Yushoi: Snapea rice sticks £2.00

Swapping unhealthy crisps has always been high on my agenda; at least since I was told about my high cholesterol. Yushoi have created a baked snack using green peas, they are baked and under 99 calories per 21g’s, and to top that all off they are vege and vegan friendly, nut and dairy free, high in fibre AND protein! That all really does matter to me, but what I find more pleasing is that they taste SO amazing! I must admit I was a little snobby when I received them, I am not keen on lemon flavourings but paired with the chilli it was a delicious sensation. They have a texture of chipsticks and don’t even taste TOO healthy; you can swap a naughty snack without even dipping out on flavour.

Slim Noodles: £2.49

I have wanted to try slim noodles and pasta for months and months, but never got round to picking either of them up. When this months box included the noodles I was so excited to use them in a recipe. They are made of Konjac flour and oat fibre proving to be a healthy alternative to regular noodles with zero carbs, 9 calories per 100g, fat free, gluten free and vegan! When you take them out of the bag they do smell a little fishy (smell is pre-warned), but rinse them 2-3 times, pop them in the microwave for one minute and they are literally done! Scroll down to see them in my Chow Mein if you wanted more. They are honestly incredible, you wouldn’t even realise they are so healthy if no-one told you, they absorb flavour from what you pair them with so they are also really versatile. I will definitely rebuy these!

Amoy: Malaysian Laksa cooking sauce £1.79


Amoy: Thai Massaman curry cooking sauce £1.79

After expressing my appreciation for cooking sauces I was intrigued to try the new Taste of Asia range from Amoy. The only product I have tried from the brand is the soy sauce, which turned out to be ideal for my Chicken chow mein. The sauces I received were Malaysian Laksa and Thai Massaman Curry, two dishes I have never tried prior to this box.

I have so far only tried the Laksa sauce and had to substitute the prawns for chicken (but I looked online and it said it was fine). As for ease of use they are definitely ideal, the sauce is added after all the meat and veg is cooked and then it is just needed to simmer for 5 minutes. I personally didn’t like the flavourings, but that isn’t a remark on the actual brand as I am not big on lemongrass and coriander, in fact I really dislike it since various trips to different Thai restaurants (sad face), but Pete on the other hand ate his all up and really enjoyed it! I can’t wait to try the curry sauce as that is definitely more up my street.

5Tsingtao: Beer £2.00

Before I entered the world of bottles of wine, beer was always my beverage of choice. For Pete he will only drink beer or cider so this was the perfect accompaniment to our dinner. Tsingtao is ‘China’s finest beer’, and is brewed there using Laoshan Mountain spring water. Malt, hops and blend rice are specially selected based on quality from the paddy fields of Western China to help mellow the bitter aftertaste. For me personally I couldn’t drink a whole bottle, but Pete really enjoyed it. I don’t think that I am someone who can appreciate and understand beer in ways that others can, but I will definitely pair this with a Chinese takeaway for Pete.

(Slim noodles in action- Homemade chicken chow mein)


Finn Crisp: Original crispbread £1.20

These crisp breads use natural ingredients to showcase Nordic cuisine, with wholegrain and sourdough. They are low fat, rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants, and have a lovely tangy flavour that is perfect with cream cheese (well I think so anyway!). I much prefer these to Ryvita’s and they are a lot healthier than crackers so these are a great box to repurchase for lunches and snacks.6opjpoijupouooAs much as I am a cheerleader for savoury spots I have to admit that Degustabox never let’s me down with new sweet discoveries. When I am out I am drawn to the cheese aisle, crisps and bread rolls, but as soon as my monthly box arrives I am excited to see what new treats I have.

Conscious chocolate: Plain Jane £3.00

Oh. my. goodness. I truly need a whole blog post to rave about how incredible this chocolate is, and I really really didn’t think it would be! It is raw, organic, vegan and hand-made, plus has the texture of a truffle! I received Plain Jane which is their smooth, award winner that the range is based on, and I am so glad that is the one I received as I couldn’t have handle the intense dark chocolate bar. Plain jane has 60 percent cacao solids and is free from dairy, soya, gluten and refined sugar. The bar was so palatable as it is sweetened with agave nectar, and I have never tasted anything like it before. I am usually a dark chocolate avoider and wouldn’t pay £3.00 for a 50g bar of chocolate, but this has literally changed this for me completely. I have to get more and am longing for payday to stock up as this is truly heaven.

1Fruit bowl: Blackcurrant flakes £2.0 (five bags)

I can sometimes exhibit the behaviours of a child when it comes to eating fruit, I am a little (only a little) fussy and I can never buy too much as Pete doesn’t eat it so it just goes off far too quick. The blackcurrant flakes are one of your five a day with no added sugar, gluten free and has natural colours and flavours. They have a really, juicy intense flavour that I can liken to a healthier version of a fruit pastille, they really are enjoyable to eat. The blackcurrant flakes are made of, Apple puree and juice, blackcurrant puree, gluten free wheat fibre, elderberry juice, pectin and natural flavouring. Each bag contains 64 calories, and despite the 20g bag size they are a really fulfilling snack that fill me up.

2Jordans Country Crisp: Fruit & Nut cereal £2.69

I am not a huge fruit and nut cereal fan, well at least my brain tells me this. It is one of those foods that I tend to dodge and avoid in the shop, they are usually expensive and I recall them being high in a lot of sugar. Jordans Country Crisp fruit and nut has golden oat clusters, fruit and crunchy nut, and I have to say it is a really delicious combination. It is a great source of fibre, and I think as part of a balance diet (ie don’t eat it everyday) it is okay as it is so tasty, but definitely not the healthiest option out there.

Clarks: Carob fruit syrup £2.39

This is the one brand and product I have previously tried and actually purchased myself (always good to get a product I buy anyway!). The carob fruit syrup is a naturally sweet, low GI syrup which is gained from extracting fruit fro the Carob plant. It is suitable for vegetarians, vegans and diabetics (when consumed as part of a balanced diet). The best part is that it is great for baking and drinks, and pancake day is coming up soon which is the ideal opportunity to give it a road test.

Coldpress: Apple Juice £1.40

Coldpress gets it’s name due to cold pressing the ingredients instead of heat pasterurising, this ensures that it tastes fresher and keeps in the nutrients better. It is packed with Vitamin C, more nutrients than conventional apple juice, and tonnes of antioxidants. It is the perfect breakfast or on the go accompaniment, and whilst it is small it is the perfect portion size. If I buy a carton I can glug so much that it is gone within less than a day, so to keep to moderation I would definitely drink one of these travelling. It is light, refreshing and sweet.4

Don’t forget you can use my £6 off discount code BLDEG15  if it’s your first box! Happy eating.

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