Skin Changers


Finding the right skincare for you can be a mission and a half, and my supply seems to be forever changing. I have managed to find a combination of brands and products that have served me well for 6 months + so thought that it was definitely worth a share. I have acne prone, oily but sensitive skin- everything you ever wished for eh? So as you can guess it causes me a fair few problems that I initially thought were solved by scrubbing at my face twice a day with a clarisonic, unfortunately it takes a lot more than that.


Number one before even trying new skincare make sure your diet is at least acceptable, mine isn’t let’s be frank. I have 6 cups of tea a day on average, ALL with sugar, and far too much milk substitute, not looking too bright so far eh. I hardly get my fill of fruit and vegetables, but I DO drink water like a camel and that really does count for something. I also think that ensuring everything is sanitised is really important too, I can get borderline OCD about my cleaning habits but I don’t think it’s too bad in the case of acne. I like to make sure that my mobile, the home phone, door handles and my own hands are sanitised frequently in case I touch my face without thinking and transfer bacteria onto myself unknowingly. That aside I follow an easy but specific skincare approach.


When I wake up I have a shower (revolutionary event guys) and I take either my Frank body scrub (Original £11.95) or Lush Cup o Coffee (£6.75/£12.25) in with me. They both seem to work similarly so it depends on my budget and what products I have at the time. I use them as a body and face mask, they really give you a wake up call but give you a strong exfoliation to fid any last night lurkers; Cup O Coffee is filled with agave syrup so it smells good, (tastes good- whoops), and gives your skin a nourishing treat so isn’t actually harsh at all despite the grainy texture. I then wash my face with the Olay Refreshing face wash (£2.99) and the cleansing brush of the ‘Braun Face’, the face brush is lighter than the Clarisonic on my skin and it is also much easier to use, it runs on batteries and is perfect for travel.The device is also worth a further mention as it comes with a facial epilator too which is really handy for your eyebrows, and other facial hair problems that you may encounter. I bought mine from Ocado in the after Christmas sales, but the cheapest I have seen it is here for £50. After getting dried and ready I use the Olay Refreshing toner (£2.99) and then the Olay Sensitive day cream (£9.99) to follow. If my blemishes are bad or my face is particularly tired then I use Jackie Oates (£9.95) on my skin as it is a great colour match but also doesn’t irritate my skin like foundations. The pot may seem small but a little goes a long way and mine last a good couple of months!


Fast forward the day, when I am done and just want to peel my face off I use Wilko Skin Therapy Make-Up Remover (£0.95) to remove my make-up, it was an accidental find as I picked it up due to it’s low price. It’s a great micellar water, really gentle on the skin but removes make-up efficiently. I then follow with Antipodes Manuka Honey face mask, it’s light and creamy but really helps settle my skin. It is the most expensive product I use on my skin currently, but it is lasting me two months so far, so another good investment in my opinion. Once I am ready to get into bed, I give my face a wash with Olay again, pop on the Olay Toner and use the Olay Sensitive Night cream (£4.99) from the sensitive range. I was once a brand slave and judged effectiviness on price, but each product I use varies in price with the majority being at the very lower end of my budget.

My skincare is a system that works for me and my specific skin type, but I do like to rotate products as I do feel your skin can get used to them and then they are no longer effective.

Have you tried any of the products part of my holy grail regime?

23 thoughts on “Skin Changers

  1. I use Paula’s Choice for skin treatments but the best cleanser I’ve found is the Boots Simply Sensitive Foaming Cleanser, I’ve been using it a little over a year and it’s a little gem of a find!


  2. Skin care can be such a nightmare. And yes you’re so right that diet is important! Mine isn’t great… I eat loads of fruit and veg but I also eat loads of sweets and drink coffee so not too good. Thhat Lush Cup’ocoffee looks amazing though, and it sounds like I would like the smell. i will have to give it a go.

    Sarah xxx


  3. Great post hun. I really need to change something because once again my skin is going crazy. I’m doing what I can with my diet and trying to drink as much water as I can. If you were to pick one product irrespective of price, what would it be?


  4. Wonderful post hun! I love how you described every step. I haven’t used any products of Olay before, I had to look it up, but in Holland it’s called Olaz. I think we don’t have the same product range here either but it’s definitely worth to try! Antipodes is a brand I don’t know yet, but the mask sounds delightful!

    Love, Layla Rosita


  5. I feel your pain, I have the same type of skin. It’s oily, acne-prone and sensitive! Sigh! Plus I’m Mexican so I have deal with facial hair too so that’s lovely when I have to remove it. TMI? lol sorry! But, it sucks! I used to not drink any water at all… only sugary drinks. I started drinking more water and I do have a cup of green tea every day but without any sugar. I don’t drink milk and am trying to cut back entirely on sugar but it’s so hard since so many things have it. But my diet is something I am working on. My biggest problem I know is that I do not get enough sleep! Sigh! Right now I don’t have any pimples on my face but I do have scars from past blemishes… they’re easy to cover up but I hope one day I won’t have to wear so much foundation! I’m trying to not worry about it so much, the more I stress out the worst it gets. I met a great guy who knows about how insecure I am about my skin and he is lovely, always telling me that I look beautiful and so that’s nice to hear… even when the makeup comes off a little. it makes me happy. 😛


  6. Being the proud owner of combination skin which is rather sensitive (I have shots every two weeks to help bring my histamine levels down), I tend to veer towards Asian and organic skincare brands. I like that, with them, I’m not adding any further pollutants to my face, you know? What I’ve found particularly beneficial is an oil cleanser. Whilst that may seem contradictory to having oily or combination skin, oil cleansers are actually one of the best things ever. They cleanse thoroughly without stripping away all the essential oils our skin needs. Most cleansers and scrubs tend to do that which creates a counter-productive consequence of our skin thinking it’s parched and therefore needs to produce more oil and hello acne 🙂

    But the loveliest thing? Someone who loves you, no matter what. No product could ever do that 🙂 xoxo


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