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Only have flour & milk? Make ‘biscuits’!

My indecisive nature and tendency to never reach a satisfaction point had left me contemplating a name change. Blonde of Carbs was who I was; I am longer blonde but the fact still remains that I am engaged in a love affair with carbs. My social media accounts are associated with my blog name alongside my domain, changing names can be a massive ballache in terms of traffic, stats and for people to just recognise who you are! I changed my Instagram to suit the type of photos I post, and seeing as I extensively share the South coast and the seaside, I thought it was only fair to give people a little warning in case that wasn’t really their thing. My blog on the otherhand is a different kettle of fish; I am naturally blonde it is who I am deep down, underneath a mass of henna, bleach and Loreal mahogany, and I still find myself spending sleepless nights baking cakes, cookies and ‘biscuits’- which aren’t actually biscuits you bloody Americans, they are frickin ROLLS. Adam richman ROLLS please, not biscuits encasing burgers.


ANYWAY, instead of wallowing in my lack of cash (store cupboard, freezer contents or assets), I have decided to get super scrimpy and savvy with my baking and hopefully help out a few of you despairing too. Today I am focusing on the ingredients- flour and milk. Literally they are the bare minimum that you need for this recipe- I like to stash up on small bottles of milk to freeze, but also buy long life too as it never lets me down. Flour is a must for pretty much anything so I do try my best to keep stocked up and it’s really cheap these days anyway. My former life consisted of depressive states resulting in takeaways on payday that swallowed up my earnings, or quick, easy but disgustingly bad ready meals. Since making almost everything from scratch I am saving a lot more money, learning how to cook different things and also knowing exactly what is in what I am eating!


Okay so you can make these rolls a savoury or sweet variety depending on what you fancy, for me personally they are to give me something that likens to a scone but when I have no eggs available.You need 1 ½ cups of milk (any milk substitute will do as I use rice, soya or koko)and 3 cups of self raising flour- that is it folks. I like to add a teaspoon of sugar to the mixture and also paint the tops of the dough with milk or soft butter (depending on what you have handy). They take 20 minutes to cook at approx. 200 degrees in a fan oven, for cooking I placed them in a silicone holder as I find they come out a lot easier, and are great when dealing with sticky dough. If you haven’t got one then definitely grease a tray up nicely and cut them into shape with cookie cutters or if need be a tumbler to get a rough shape.




I take mine out of the oven and place on a cold plate to cool (we don’t have a cool rack you see, as soon as I can I smother them with lemon curd. Pete likes them with butter and jam, a little like a half scone, but I am excited to try them with soup as they are a touch on the side of a baguette, and that’s DEElicious to me! Pete likes to describe this little bake as ‘being back in the fucking workhouses’, as he would clearly know, but hey you decide what you think 😉

17 thoughts on “Only have flour & milk? Make ‘biscuits’!

  1. Wow these look so easy but so good! I feel like they wouldn’t look like that if I made them haha but I’ll definitely give them a try – what can possibly go wrong with only two ingredients haha xxx


  2. I know absolutely little about cooking so I was really surprised to see you only need two ingrediants, this is great for a cooking novice like me. I love your blog name, but if you did decide to change it I’m sure whatever you change it to will be just as amazing as you’re so creative 🙂

    Velvet Blush


  3. Oh now I’m so hungry Jess 😦 these look amazing & so easy to make! I love your blog name & domain, but I definitely understand that you’ve passed that stage of your life! will always continue to support you & your new blog too, if you decide to open up a new domain 🙂 ❤

    Serene | I Am Serene L


  4. These biscuits look so yummy! Changing the name of your blog and social networks can be tricky. I thought a lot about changing my blog and it is true that traffic decreases.

    Jasmine xx


  5. lol at Pete’s comment! Anything that I can whip up quickly for cravings are a thumbs up! They do look a bit like scones, but I’m tempted to try because you said it’s a bit like baguette too! xxx


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