Colour & Emotion: Wearing yellow

 UntitledI promised myself that as a New Year enveloped us I would focus on improving my mood & chucking the negative nagging that really does become habit. A social media break was something I could have done with to refocus my energy and organise my priorities, however my Pinterest obsession seems to have taken an even stronger hold. I’m using Pinterest for a better reason than just procrastination and lusting (well I tell myself that anyway), and instead search for Minimalism and mindfulness. Part of my thinking and feeling positive has been largely influenced by having a huge clear out of my flat, I previously had two wardrobes and have managed to shift so much that I only have one now. I absolutely love a monochrome theme, but with a hint of yellow mixed into to brighten things up. I never used to yellow as an option to actually wear especially paired with another warm colour- my red hair.


Yellow in it’s most obvious interpretation conveys sunshine, happiness and wellbeing- although for some it can have negative associations- ie sickliness and can invoke a washed out look which is why it is such a cautionary shade. I personally find yellow a friendly colour to wear, you can clothe yourself in simple, statement pieces and still mix in your personality. As it’s Winter I did layer the lace up top and chose to wear a collarless pastel blue coat on top, leopard pointed flats and ASOS skinnies.

Denim is seen as an easy, casual wardrobe edition but nothing beats a perfect fitting pair of jeans. I am also falling back in love with heavy, denim dresses and shirts, so for me the 90’s nostalgia never really ends.


17 thoughts on “Colour & Emotion: Wearing yellow

  1. That yellow shirt looks wonderful on you. You made me think about my wardrobe. I only have one yellow item, but it’s true that it conveys happiness. Have a great Sunday!

    Jasmine xx


  2. I think I only own one yellow item of clothing, and I don’t really wear it. This top really suits you and it does really compliment your hair colour!

    Maddie //


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