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 After researching charity donations I discovered that the rich are giving less, and the poor are giving more. Probably a confusing statement to some but it actually makes complete sense to me. I have always wanted to help out others, but particularly so after being nearly homeless, and suffering mental and financial problems. I feel like if you can truly empathise and not just sympathise with people’s situations it spurs you on to help more. I am in the lowest band of income and do struggle with my own finances, but that doesn’t stop me wanting to help the vulnerable. If you are in the same situation as me, tight with money, then I have some great, practical solutions you can do to help. They also make you feel really good, much better than when I buy myself something new.


share the meallogo-full-a680102520

Share the meal is one of my absolute favourite ways to get involved, and you can download it as an app to your apple or android device. I found it whilst browsing the app store for charity donation apps that I could use quickly, wherever I am. The app reveals that alarmingly there are 2 billion smartphone users who outnumber hungry children by 20 to 1. 1 in 7 children are hungry and it only costs 35p to feed one child for a day. The way I use the app is at the end of the day I will donate either for a week’s meals which costs £2.45 or a days worth £0.35 depending on how much money I have. If I sell anything and the money goes into my paypal account then 100 percent of that goes to Share The Meal. In the Summer and Autumn of 2015 they shared 1.8 million meals with the children in Lesotho. They have reached their 100 percent target and are now collecting money for Syrian refugee children in Jordan. You can find more information on this site, or download the app to your device.


body shopfa180b7b_380x372

This is another easy and great way to donate to charity without actually donating any cash. If you sign up to their Love Your Body rewards card you can earn yourself free rewards that you can redeem as credit vouchers on the site or choose to donate the money for charity. You get 10 percent off purchases all year round and earn 10 points per pound spent. Everytime you earn 500 points you can choose a £5 voucher or a £5 donation to charity- either the World Land Trust, The Body Shop Foundation or Wateraid. You can find out more here, and sign up for the card to get a free gift and all the other benefits I mentioned. I love it!

Just Givinglogo-justgiving.png

Lots of you are probably aware of Just Giving and how it works but in case you don’t then I will give you a little rundown. If you have a charity you feel passionate about you can set up your own donations page with a pledge or plea for others to donate to your cause, setting yourself a target to reach and a minimum donation amount of £2 is required (you can pay by Paypal or card). If you don’t have an idea of your own then you can donate to other people’s causes by browsing different charities and the site. I am currently fundraising for Worthing Churches Homeless Project here with a target of £500 to help with the care and safety of those on the street. It’s a really easy way to guarantee that the money goes directly to the charity, and also make sure you gift aid as it really makes a big contribution the more you donate.

If you don’t have spare cash

Okay so sometimes there are really tight situations where you have absolutely no money to spare but really want to help out. I still have a few suggestions and options that may be viable for you.

#1 You can sell ANYTHING on eBay, on the listing there is an option to donate a particular percentage to your chosen charity- you can donate a little (ten percent) or the whole amount.

  #2 Give old knitwear and warm clothes to the homeless. If you don’t have any then consider DIY or craft jobs with bits of material or knitting something yourself as a gift. Take a good look at your cupboards and stores too to see if you can donate any tinned food or treats. This can apply anytime, not just during harvest season.

  #3 If you don’t have any money or goods then how about donating your time! It can be anything from a morning a week or every day. There aren’t just charity shop options, you can help out at the homeless centre for meals, gardening, craft (yup all at St Clares day centre in Worthing), or social media and admin jobs if you prefer.

#4 Save your change and pennies in a jar labelled- Charity or Donations and depending on how much you can spare it will really add up, even if you only add 2ps throughout the year.


Would love to hear if any of you guys have easy ways to donate to charity (not just monetary ways)


11 thoughts on “Easy ways to donate

  1. Great post! I think there’s lots of opportunities for people to include donating into their new years resolutions, but it often gets forgotten! As a student, donating your time may be difficult but it’s very worthwhile! I just started volunteering at a homeless shelter and it really helps you understand that bad things CAN happen to good people- it’s easy to judge without knowing their story!


  2. Had no idea about the body shop rewards thing! That’s so good and I always buy presents and things from there so it could soon add up. One of my favourite ways to donate is choosing cafes that do the suspended coffee scheme or you can even buy a meal if you have the money and it just gets added onto your bill and the next time someone in need of that coffee/meal comes into the cafe it’s there for them. Such an easy and small thing but means a lot to the person receiving. Xx
    Call Me Amy


  3. I wasn’t aware of some of these options before so thanks for bringing them to my attention, I’ll be looking into some of them. Also, I completely get what you mean about the rich giving less, I see it everyday! xx

    Velvet Blush


    • I totally agree with this, wealthy people could give so much away and not even notice. The disproportion of the classes makes me mad. Good for you for giving to childrens charities, it does really add when you sub to too many so I know how hard it is to pick xxx


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