December Degustabox


 New Year cheerleaders and Christmas dodgers, I am aware that Christmas has come and gone but I didn’t actually receive my December Degustabox until the first week of January. Besides there’s no harm in extending the festivities; that includes mandatory consumption of fat food and alcohol- Christmas isn’t over until February anyway (right….anyone?!) When my Degustabox* arrives every month it almost feels like it’s Christmas or my birthday, I eagerly await the opening of the cardboard box to find what new discoveries and brands they have chosen to include.

Now I must tell you in advance, it is a bit of weird one really as the box doesn’t seem Christmas themed at all, but does feature a variety of incredible products with the majority I hadn’t previously tried, or heard of the brands. If you are new to Degustabox then they are usually £12.99 a month for 9-14 surprise products, but I have a £6 off code if you aren’t already subscribed, just redeem BLDEG15 for a nearly half price box of goodies!




Koko dairy free milk- £1.79 – Having avoided dairy due to problematic issues (yeah you know) I have tried a variety of alternatives such as soya milk, rice milk and coconut milk, the latter being my most preferred option. Koko is pricier than most but is a lot more flavoursome than soya and rice, and much more palatable if you’re used to dairy milk. Koko is 0% cholesterol, lower in calories than skimmed milk AND 100% allergen free.

Nuva flavoured spring water- 2 x £1.49- Unlike flavoured waters I have had in the past this has a much lighter infusion of fruit and vegetables as you only receive a hint. It is perfect if you can’t face water by it’s own and looking to ditch sugary squash. Nuva only use natural extracts and flavours, no sugar, no sweetener and preservatives, but personally for me I would much rather have a glass of water. I feel my taste buds yearning for a stronger flavour.

Drink me Chai Latte- SAMPLE (250g box, £2.00) – With a combination of the sachet, milk and water, I used my frother to make sure it blended well and had a nice top. It had the same incredible taste that I previously enjoyed with the original Chai Latte , although I didn’t find the flavour as potent. It is spiced with clove and is only 42 calories per cup, which is amazing when I realised Costa’s version contained HUNDREDS!




Alcoholic Crabbie’s light ginger beer- £1.49- Ginger beer has to be one of my favourite drinks; even better when it’s the Crabbie’s alcoholic version. I am pleased to see a light option introduced to the range as alcohol can be so calorific without even realising, plus we shouldn’t feel guilty about a treat. I drank mine straight with ice but you can combine it with the Red square toffee mini (1.99)to make a DIY cocktail.




 Hip Popsx2 £1.00 – Crisps are my true weakness, I could live without chocolate and sweets (cue gasps) but I can’t part with salt and vinegar crisps. Hip Pops are 50 percent less fat than standard potato crisps, and to me are a million times better than the Walker’s baked or other lighter options. I received a salted packet and a salt and vinegar packet, and wow the flavours were really intense, I was pleasantly surprised. Hip Hops come in 6 flavours, 4 which are gluten free AND contain less than 11% fat. These will definitely be my go to snack from now on, they are so delicious.

 Compete energy bites- £1.99 (2 pack)- Energy bites are not something I have considered as of late, I haven’t been exercising and have been on anti-depressants so generally don’t want to exude too much energy. However I did want to give them a go, alongside my boyfriend who had the other bite in the pack. At first taste the lemon flavour is enjoyable, until you swallow and are left with a seemingly bitter taste- my boyfriend agreed. The chocolates are infused with caffeine (1 bite = 1 large premium coffee). They are aimed at providing an instant boost for alertness, endurance and physical energy, to be taken 5 minutes before activity. However I just don’t think I am the target audience due to my condition, however what I would say is try the mocha as that’s definitely nicer than the lemon.

PicMonkey Collageih

Betavivo oat heart cereal- 2 x £1.00- This is a completely new one on me which made me more excited to give it a go. Basically Betavivo is a crispy oat cereal made into cute little heart shapes, and is proven to lower your cholesterol and blood glucose. One serving a day gives you the necessary 3g of beta-glucan from oats, which basically reduces your blood cholesterol as well as reducing the amount of blood glucose is produced. I do worry about my health as I have actually been advised to lower my cholesterol, so you can never be too young to start.

Barilla Mediterranean vegetables sauce- £2 &Whole-wheat fusilli- £1.50- Pasta, pasta, pasta, where do I start? My blog name is for a reason,I LOVE carbs! The sauce is a little pricey but mainly because it warrants the tag. It has no added preservatives and made with Italian tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines and peppers. I do love a vegetable sauce with pasta as you have a quick and easy meal, done! The pasta is made with durum wheat and one serving provides 20% of your daily fibre needs. I am used to eating processed, bad for you, white pasta (yeah I know, sorry), so I think this one is going to take a little while for me to get used to.


Fabulous Bakers Mango and Pineapple bars- £1.80- The Fabulous Bakers products aren’t new to me as I already adore their flapjacks, however their new release is a completely different route (aka much healthier!) They are made with natural ingredients with no added sugar or ‘nasties’, instead are full of real fruit, slow release energy oats and they are high in fibre (this box is totally going to up your fibre game apaz!). Anyway the flavour did take me a while to get used to as I can’t compare it to anything I’ve had before, but it was so much more natural than cereal bars I usually have for breakfast, it tasted fresh and I am starting to love them.

Nothing But freeze dried fruit snack packets- 2 x £1.69- Freeze dried fruit has to be one of my favourite snacks- even when I am not in the mood to eat one of my five a day. Each packet is under 80 calories and count towards one of your five a day. Pineapple is my standard favourite, but I enjoyed the slightly sourness of the strawberries and was surprised by freeze dried grapes- almost the consistency of a cooked meringue and really sweet. These bags are delicious, I want to carry them round in my bag all the time now.

I am really impressed with the variety this month, however would have liked a more ‘Christmassy’ theme going on. I am glad to see healthy inclusions as a lot of us like to get back to our usual selves after Christmas (mine is cookies in hands, YUP), and it was great to try a few new brands that I hadn’t heard of. If you still haven’t subbed and wanted £6 off (nearly half price) then use the code BLDEG15!

Au revoir

13 thoughts on “December Degustabox

  1. Oh wow… this box look pretty amazing! I haven’t heard of it before, but it looks so tempting. Thank you for sharing.
    They have thought of so many things – from sweets, to healthy juices and even a bit of craft beer. So good!


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