10 ways to kickstart 2016


A new year tends to be the kickstarter to better yourself for maybe… a few months? Okay so you might not all be as bad as me, sorry for my snap judgement, but it’s true for the majority. After all the Christmas indulgence, every year without fail I will get into a vigorous exercise regime that tends to finish about May time, and then I allow myself to pile on the pounds…talk about yo-yo! This all aside, I have steadily been on my anti-depressants for a few months now and am taking steps to a more positive life, and hopefully one day medication free. I have found that the greatest curator of happiness is giving and helping others. Prior to this happiness meant shopping, going for meals or supposedly pampering myself, however ultimately these always ended up in disdain. I am no expert but I have ten suggestions on how to start the new year positively, especially if the first week hasn’t been too successful.


  1. Clear out a cluttered wardrobe and donate unwanted items to charity- it’s always nice to update a store with some ‘fashionable pieces’ you no longer wear. If you have any spare knitwear/waterproofs take them down to the homeless shelter. If you think you’re freezing, think how they are suffering in the bitter wind.
  2. Don’t accept toxic, negative people- whether that’s in real life or online. If someone is annoying you on Twitter/Facebook either unfriend or if you don’t want to add fuel to the fire then just mute them. It really makes a world of difference to not have to deal with internet bullshit.
  3. Write happy thoughts in a diary that you can refer to when you are down, or follow the popular idea of writing down happy things and popping them in a jar to read at the end of the year.
  4. Even if you have limited spare time MAKE time for relaxation and meditation, it is really useful to learn to relax completely without falling asleep. Download an app for your phone so you can listen on your commute, lunch break or even when you get home. 
  5. Fit in exercise with your daily routine, whether that’s getting off public transport early if you have a sedentary job, or if you can’t afford a gym membership invest in a cheap exercise bike for home.
  6. Avoid processed and ‘quick fix’ foods as you will feel buzzed for a small while, and then completely crash and feel really low. I know how hard it is to eat healthy but there are some yummy healthy snacks, like snack a jacks, dehydrated pineapple etc if you can’t just eat salad or fruit.
  7. LAUGH! The news can be soul sucking and negative- but it’s reality. Sometimes it’s okay to have a break from reality, watch a comedy or a fantasy film to immerse yourself for a little time out.
  8. Listen to positive music, have a weepy, crying moment if that’s what you need to let it all out but listen to something that uplifts you. I don’t know what I would do without Spotify now, whether it is listening to waves, the Star Wars soundtrack or Fleetwood Mac, it serves a positive job.
  9. Set yourself small, achievable goals everyday that you can tick off and feel good about. It could just be to smile more at passers by in the morning or say hello to the dustbin men without looking at the ground like the tired zombie you feel like.
  10. This is a biggy for me, drink more water! It’s such a simple thing and something that I am sure we all do without thinking, but I betcha lots of you don’t drink enough much like me before. Water helps your skin and your general well-being, try starting the day with lemon and water to kickstart you metabolism!

Do you have any tips for staying positive in 2016?

15 thoughts on “10 ways to kickstart 2016

  1. Great post to kickstart the year…I always say I am going to drink more water but my job is quite demanding and I just forget to fill my cup!!

    My idea would be to read more books about things I am interested in…for example, I might get a subscription to a camera magazine to learn more about the latest technology…

    Thank you again and have a fab day

    Lacey xx


  2. Love this post so much, especially about giving and helping others – they say the best way to be happy is by making other people happy 🙂 Totally agree with all of your points, I always feel so much better after some exercise, even if it’s just some gentle yoga 🙂

    Here’s to a positive 2016!



  3. Sounds like my plan hehe! I’ve bought an organiser just so that I can write down my goals daily and try to achieve them. Last year was too disorganised. Fingers crossed for 2016! Happy New Year ! ❤ xxxx


  4. You do so much for other people, and that’s just the small proportion I’ve seen on your blog recently, but you truly deserve a lot of happiness and your ideas to help achieve that are great. I’m trying to find some music to listen to although I find that general pop works for me too. Also, exercising is a good way to just let it all out! My tip would just be to have some ‘me’ time too, whether that’s just to watch a tv series you’re interested in or to read a book 🙂

    Velvet Blush


  5. I love this post! Especially the bit about setting small goals every day, I always dry and think to myself to smile at people more! Exercise is also brilliant for making you feel happier and better about yourself, brilliant list!


  6. I absolutely love this post my dear 🙂 I feel much more positive and happier already! I especially like tip no.3 (about writing happy thoughts in a dairy) it’s such a great way to keep motivated and optimistic :).

    Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful and inspirational post. Sending lots of love and hugs for 2016 🙂 El xxxx


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