Products for the homeless charity

 I wouldn’t normally indulge myself in such shameless promotion, but I am actually desperately trying to scrape funds together for the Homeless project. If you look on the right side of my blog I have a sponsor button where you can donate directly to the charity’s page starting at £2 (perfect if you really are tight for money), but if you wanted something cute AND a charity donation then I would love for you to have a look at my snippet of pieces on sale to try and help those who need it most. You can find my shop here if you wanted to see the full product range. 

PicMonkey Collage6

 All my designs and products have been inspired by my seaside lifestyle blog and life on the South Coast. Sealife are such a beautiful focus for products and will make a perfect gift for anyone you know who lives or loves the sea, or if you fancy being a total gem I am selling stickers/ postcards etc with my Blog name on it. This really isn’t a ‘PLEASE GIVE ME YOUR MONEY’ post, as I totally know the situation some of us are in. I used my last £1.60 on a sausage roll for the homeless guy in my street, and gave him a blanket, a tent and a wooly hat, but unfortunately that doesn’t solve the problem. There are so many people in danger and freezing on the streets and if everyone helps with just a little, then it can culminate to a lot and really make a difference. WCHP are a Christian company who offer breakfast, art and craft classes and rehabilitation but this is solely reliant on donations and volunteers. I am going to be working at St Clares as a volunteer in the mornings and hope that I can really make a difference.

8 thoughts on “Products for the homeless charity

  1. You are such a babe ❤ I absolutely love these designs especially the vitamin sea one and the London one! Gonna have a browse for sure especially seeing as it's for such a good cause!
    Amy xxx


  2. What a lovely thing for you to do, you really are such an amazing person! Your designs are gorgeous, I agree that sealife is a beautiful focus – being by the sea is so calming and such a wonderful charity to give to as well! xxx


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