Ode to Alexa

Fellow Hampshire girl & Peter Symonds sixth former, Alexa Chung is about the best thing to happen to the South of England (okay that’s just me, but you’re not gonna change my mind).  Alexa first entered my life as a ridiculous obsession when she presented Popworld on Channel 4, anyone..?! However her career started pretty early, being immersed into the modelling world at just 16 after being scouted at a festival-doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering she is now pretty much everyone’s muse and Fashion icon. Chung has her own distinctive style that is accentuated by her quirky personality and never ending legs. Alexa never seems to get it wrong..but how does she nail it everytime?!
PicMonkey Collage alexa 2

Cheryl cole is depicted as the nation’s sweetheart; but for me Alexa is our true treasure. Fashion isn’t just about the clothes you wear, but the way you wear them and that is certainly seen here. Wooly hats, converse and jumpers are ordinary, sweater weather essentials…nothing special until you add the mesmerising personality, pose and poise of Alexa. Posing and actually looking cool, I mean literally ‘a cool girl’ whilst holding a glass of wine up to your face, flashing your nail spans, make-up free and in a beanie, flashing thighs and still looking classy..(I could go on) that is goddamn hard. Alexa just has something, something that can’t be painted on or mimicked. She is the stylish, powerful Fashion feminist of our time, and always manages to ooze sexiness without having to show too much skin.

From bangs, to grown out bangs, bobs and lobs- her hair seems to remain at the forefront of my mind. Conveying an effortless, barely styled look that somehow just never looks as good when I attempt to imitate. Regardless of failing flatteries her toned down porcelain face with a vibrant red or a nude lip and perfection strokes of eyeliner, her make-up looks are to be admired. A huge breath of fresh air (for me personally) when the media is surrounded by lip plumping, contouring and boob jobs (not that I judge ANY of you who want to do that, but accepting my pale skin and small boobs has really been inspired by her). Alexa is my heroine for celebrating a smaller chest, for embracing her flawless pale skin and not feeling the necessity to reveal skin. She may drink, she may smoke, but in my eyes she is a freaking inspiration and role model to girls of all ages- girls who should love themselves first and foremost, and aren’t afraid to shy away from the advancing and sometimes excessive Beauty trends in a bid to look more like themselves.

Alexa is IT.

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