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Paperchase sale

 Post Christmas shopping is something I adamantly deny to myself for perhaps…. one day?! I try and try to escape the inevitability of  pouring my cash on new clothes and ‘cute bits’, but the sales just get the better of me. Boxing sales are swiftly avoided but as soon as the ‘morning after’ hits I find myself down the shops?! It’s not planned.. it kind of just happens, and then the internet ‘window shopping’ results in accidental basket fills that lead onto purchases, much to Pete’s dismay (I am sure!). 

 Pre- Christmas I picked up my gift bags and wrapping from Paperchase and was so pleased with how my presents looked, not so much with my remaining monthly allowance however. I had two stray presents left and no more wrapping so decided to hit the sales on Paperchase, I nabbed some half price paper, a gift bag and some crepe paper. At this point all my money had been well and truly burnt but I spotted a few gems to save for post Christmas splurges. Luckily most of the things that caught my eye are still on the site, and seeing as I got a few Paperchase gifts for Christmas myself I thought I would share with you lovely lot if you were seeking a bargain. The best time for cheap birthday presents or even prep for next Christmas if you are super organised (Oh I wish I was). PicMonkey Collage

Monochrome floral twist pen £3.50

I always underestimate the power of a good ball point pen; suddenly writing becomes a pleasure rather than a chore, I admire the sweet satisfaction from the ink rolling smoothly and vibrantly onto the pages. This is also really beautiful design and definitely exceeds my cheap biros.

Floral tapestry glasses case £5.50

One of the presents I bought my Grandad this year was a glasses case and he was actually thrilled! Even if you don’t wear them yourself if you know someone who wears glasses they are likely to be left all over the place and prone to scratching, it could just be me but I am terrible at protecting them and at least with this case they can be displayed and stored in a gorgeous manner. If all else fails, think of future sunny days and beach visits- far off but still on the way!!

Peonies 5 blank & 5 thank you cards £5.25

Thank you cards are my ritual and even if I have said thank you in person I just think it is polite to send someone a card. These are still a little pricey but were even moreso before at £10 so there is a great reduction, and there are something special for an annual occasion- I love!

Fiestaval leather notebook £10.50

 I don’t think I could ever own enough notebooks and there is something quite strangely satisfying about collecting them. The excitement and nervousness of filling in the first crisp, blank white page marking the notebook permanently (it just gets me everytime!)

Mock croc large self-adhesive photo album £11.50

Regardless of the time of year I am always snapping away and just love collecting photographs. Instead of leaving them digitalised I like to do a big print at least every month and so new photo albums are always on my radar. The mock croc album is a classic stylish piece and a great way of displaying photos, this is the #1 purchase for me.

Love hanging ceramic ornaments – set of 4 £4.00

Cutesy interior gets me, and with Pete and I’s anniversary New Years it’s always nice to add a little heartfelt something. It’s a cheap way of adding character to your home and when we have such a tiny flat it always nice to be able to add something that I can hang up.

Mercato boxed candle £7.00

I am curious to find out what a tomato leaf candle smells like and excited by the scent choice. Whenever I enter a grandparents garden and aid to the gardening I adore the smell of the tomato plants, even when I just buy tomatoes on the vine from the supermarket- if it is anything like that then I am sold!

Hope I have inspired some sale shopping for presents (to you or someone else!) Happy New Year x 

6 thoughts on “Paperchase sale

  1. Love Paperchase, I can’t resist their notebooks and pens and I always stock up on cards from their to stash away for birthdays. Somehow I feel less guilty doing that but I still get a shopping fix haha! xx


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