Changes: Ethical clothing

 Making ethical and conscious choices regarding food has always been at the forefront of my mind; whether that be opting for organic, fair-trade or vegetarian (when possible). However I am fully aware that like a lot of us, my clothing purchases aren’t as mindful as my food choices. When it comes to Fashion my first thought is price; I have a limited budget and with quick, minute trends I tend to pick things up from places like Primark, New Look and ASOS. H&M has always been a site that I have browsed and in store I make purchases occasionally, when I have picked up pieces from their conscious range I have thought about how I would like to buy more, but when looking at the range it is pretty sparse. Now this isn’t a sponsored post at all, I have just been doing some research into other brands I can shop with, and while you end up spending more than the high street you can make longer term investments. FotorCreated2#1 After going through tabs on Google and highlighted brands on sites such as ‘The Guardian’ the two brands that really stood out to me were: Fashion Conscience and Bibico, you may have already heard of them but they are fresh and new to me. As I do with most sites, I created a folder in bookmarks for my favourite picks but instead of leaving them there to go stale and forgotten I thought I would share them with you guys (mainly because I can’t afford them right now!). #3Bucket Tote/Boots

 I don’t think I have ever invested in real leather products, mainly because of ethical reasons but also because they tend to be a lot pricier. If you are going to buy a vegan friendly product then you still want it to be of the highest quality and still look good and last long. The bucket tote was only £39 so caught my eye immediately, it’s a great price and also exactly the type of bag I have been looking for. Hopefully payday will serve me well and I will be parading this on my shoulder in no time. 

 As for the shoes the same reasoning applies really, although it was the style that caught my eye over the price. I completely adore fringe like most of us hooked on the 70’s trend I guess, and I am an ankle boot lover. While some can strut their stuff in heels I am a bit of a calamity and save them for rare occasions, these are the perfect barely there heel height and are ideal for Winter wearing, #4 Denim Dress/ Bobble Hat/ Cable Jumper 

 My picks from Bibico really encompass the colours and fabrics I am currently adoring. I think you would hard pushed to miss that I am addicted to bobble hats and I don’t think a day passes without me wearing one at the moment (YIKES). The red knitted bobble hat looks so festive and cosy, plus I don’t have one like this yet (really I don’t).

I have owned and recyled denim dresses and never seem to have found the perfect one, I gave up searching a couple of years ago until the surge of gorgeous 70’s pieces and Alexa Chung’s to die for campaign. At £69 it’s definitely not a steal but I think that it’s a piece you can always keep in your wardrobe for pretty much all of the seasons and rework time and time again.

The cable jumper was the most expensive item in my bookmarked folder but for good reason; I think it is necessary to have one high quality and well loved piece of knitwear in your wardrobe. I am a huge fan of mustard and the only thing holding me back previously was my blonde hair, long gone it is and replaced with red locks I am now fully prepared to embrace any potential colour clashing. 

This WASN’T a sponsored post, I am just trying to change my buying habits.

Do you shop ethically?

15 thoughts on “Changes: Ethical clothing

  1. Hi Jess, I often think about this too 🙂 I recently watched a documentary where they sent Norwegian fashion bloggers to work in Cambodian sweat shops and the conditions were awful! I’ve not heard of either of these brands too, but anything Alexa Chung is the face of gets my tick of approval! I agree that the vegan leather bag is stunning too- it’s a really classic design 🙂

    Rachel xx


  2. I should really think about this more often! I’m exactly the same and always put price first but seems silly that like you I always think about it with food but never with clothes! Definitely going to have a browse of these websites!
    Amy X
    Call Me Amy


  3. I have to be totally honest in that I definitely don’t shop ethically. I’m really aware when I’m Primark that I’m not doing the most ethical thing but generally I just pick out what I like. This has really inspired me to look more into though hun. Such pretty items here!



  4. I haven’t been thinking enough about the consequences when I’m buying specific brands either. I buy clothes at H&M often but I really shouldn’t. I can also side with you on having a limited budget and buying temporarily trends at the lesser ethical shops. I do think about it a bit more than I used to! BTW, I love how it snows on your blog!

    Love, Layla |


  5. Yay for ethical clothing!! I’ve been trying to be more aware of what I buy recently, in the wardrobe department. I haven’t done any leather in years but i’m always amazed how many animal products/unethically sourced material sneaks into the closet now days. I haven’t heard of any of these brands, so adding them to the list. Thanks so much! Loving the mustard cable knit jumper. 🙂 x


  6. Ethical clothing is something I’ve thought about, and whilst I probably won’t be buying from a company that’s been in the news because of slave labour, it’s still hard to find many brands that are ethical and affordable. The Denim dress is definitely a classic piece though 🙂

    Velvet Blush


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