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Winter essentials

During Winter I have a few Fashion essentials that I’m drawn to every time I am putting an outfit together. Obviously warmth is my priority as the weather gets colder; it hasn’t always been that way though, the times when your ‘Mum’ (or Grandma in my case) would nag for you to put on a coat and mittens and God knows what else- rebelling seemed like the most attractive option. Thankfully I grew out of that pretty quickly and when passing scantily clad girls I worry for their health in case they catch hypothermia (obvs.) 
 Bobble hats are my saviours; less hair maintenance and no achingly cold ears- win win! Instead of spending out for a variety of designs and colours I do have a tendency to borrow Pete’s (and kind of never return them, haha!). In terms of a coat they are worth the investment, no Primark or cheap buy has lasted me several Winters so indulging (for me at least) in a Zara Winter coat is the best option. It’s a warm, versatile coat and withstands different trends and time. Last but not least I am not big on wearing a lot of jeans or trousers and therefore opt for tights and dresses or skirts, but layered to give me ample warmth but also comfort. I find I get too hot when I wear TOO many clothes so with layers you can easily leave the cold and enter a warm shop or restaurant without feeling like you’ve hit the sauna. My ‘Monday Blues’ crop is definitely a frequented piece and naturally specifically on Monday, it’s a great signal to others that you are not in a perky mood. Monday Blues you know…Winter essentials


Unfortunately for you guys my boots were snapped up on Everything 5 pounds so the stock varies on a frequent basis, but it is still worth checking the website- although the Office booties I have picked are gorgeous and practical. My handbag was from Primark so also another non internet item (soz babes), but I have been scouring ASOS outlet for new handbags and they have a varied selection of black handbags are great prices.

31 thoughts on “Winter essentials

  1. I never thought to wear legging under mini skirt before, this is great idea to get more wear from the skirt over winter, I will try it. I love the button skirt too.


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