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Happy Christmas from Degustabox

 Christmas is less than a month away, I know to some that is a scary prospect especially if you are feeling a little unorganised; but to me I am ACTUALLY excited this year. My family has agreed on only buying the children presents this year so it means I have saved a little bit of money, and managed to be organised before the end of November! When my Christmas Degustabox was delivered I felt like it was a proper celebration and great way to end this month. Times have been tough money wise so it’s rare that we will treat ourselves to alcohol, chocolate or sweet treats at all (I tend to bake them myself these days, it’s cheaper), so this month I feel well and truly spoilt with an abundance of treats to indulge in for both sweet and savoury fans. 

giphy (2) I think a good starting point would be BISCWITS (no cookies in sight gang, sorry) -but also some pretty damn awesome crackers too! 


RYVITA have come on leaps and bounds since my college lunches of plain crispbreads and cottage cheese! In my box I received their Green and Black Olive Crackers (£1.29) and the Cheddar and Black Pepper Thins (£1.89). The thins for me were the real stars of the show with tongue-tingling black pepper and tangy cheese thins- they are so moreish and delicious that you can eat them by themselves (or with dips and cheese if you wish). I do find that they really fill you up though and are much better than crisps and the like. The crackers for me weren’t to my taste, but that is purely because olives for me are usually a no go zone. If you like olives then you are going to have a fiesta as these have a real olive flavour burst amongst their crunchy bite. 

TUCKEYS digestives (£1.80) have been inspired by original recipes, using traditional ingredients. They use ‘simple ingredients such as syrup, fruit peel, demerara sugar, molasses, butter and trusted methods’ They are packed with all the ‘good stuff’ that manufacturers have slowly removed, and I think they taste absolutely divine. They are a tea dunking addiction! I also like to add my hazelnut spread on top for an extra naughty tea break accompaniment. 

BELVITA Soft Bakes (£2.79): After seeing the adverts I have always been intrigued by Belvita but never got round to purchasing anything. My first taste experience was impressive from the Soft Bakes with Red Berries I received. They are made with wholegrains and cereals, meaning that they are a great source of fibre but not only that have vitamins B6, magnesium and iron. They are a slow releasing energy bite and they taste incredible! I would usually avoid dried fruit in pretty much anything but this truly is the exception for me; well worth a try even if you don’t think you would like them. I have them for breakfast and as a filling snack when needed.


 Drinks have always been a hit with me in Degustabox, whether it be alcoholic or soft. I was in a real treat this month with a variety from coffee syrup, cider AND my absolute favourite- Baileys! 

Teisseire flavoured drops ( 2- £2.79): I have previously tried squash drops but never no added sugar coffee syrups! I received vanilla and caramel and at first use didn’t realise you only need one squirt (I put in about three, eep). However the flavour is divine and keeps my spoonfuls of sugar at bay!  

Rekorderlig Dry Apple (£1.49): Rekordelig summer fruit cider is my favourite so I had a little apprehension when I read dry apple. I poured Pete and I a glass during our movie night, and to my genuine surprise it was delicious. Not too dry (as sometimes it can be unpleasant when it is), and not too sweet either (have had super sweet ciders before, big no no!) I would definitely consider picking this up on my next shop. 

Baileys (£1.49 approx): As an extra treat we were surprised with a mini Baileys bottle (much to my delight!). I am savouring every mouthful having already added it to a Jim Jam’s and milk hot chocolate and a little extra on ice for a relaxed evening in. 


 I am assuming that some of these jars may be hit or miss with a few, but I am pleased to say they are some of my FAVOURITE THINGS! (I feel so lucky this month, I am really surprised by how much I am loving!)

 Branston Orchard Fruit Chutney (£1.49): Oh. My. Goodness. This is truly delicious. Being a HUGE fan of scones I took on board Branston’s little recipe card included and made some savoury chutney scones (I will be doing a blog post). They are incredible as a side serving but also for use within baking which is amazinnngggg! 

Bourne and Wallis Pickle Onions (£1.40): My food preferences I am sure will disgust you; I am the girl who drinks vinegar out of a jar and pops silver-skin onions like nobodies business. However despite my taste-buds these onions really are STRONG, but in my opinion deliciously so. They are a great pairing with fish (tried and tested guys), whilst the company themselves use home-grown ingredients (in the UK) and use contemporary, Victorian methods. They are honestly soooooo good!

 JimJams Hazelnut Chocolate Spread: Recently I was introduced to no added sugar chocolate products and this by far outshines them all. There is no synthetic, superficial sweetener taste but instead a lovely light hazelnut flavour running through the creamy chocolate- I honestly couldn’t believe it only included naturally occurring sugars. If you want a spread for your kids or need to cut back on the sugar then this is in my genuine wholehearted opinion is nicer than Nutella. (Yeah I mean it!) 


Butterkist (£2.04): Luckily for me in my household Pete is a sweet popcorn fan and I am a big salted cheerleader! I allowed Pete to indulge all of the salted caramel corns apart from ONE, which left me wanting oh so much more. It is like coated toffee popcorn but with an extra edge of salt, and even as a savoury fan it is divine. I had the sweet and salt packet to myself, a flavour combination that is slowly becoming my favourite for popcorn as the two flavours just work perfectly with each other- well worth a buy for trips to the cinema and movie nights in. 

Hartley’s Jelly (£1.29): Glitter Jelly is certainly a new one on me and I very much exerted the child in me and was SUPER excited to make it. It actually set miles quicker than a block of jelly as you simply added 500ml of boiling water to powder. It doesn’t taste as nice as the packet jellies granted, but it’s an exciting addition to a Christmas or Birthday party. The Black Cherry jelly is divine with a strong flavour punch that works perfectly for Black Forest Trifles.

Nim’s Fruit Crisps (£0.99p): I have recently been converted to fruit crisps and really enjoy the tangy flavour of these with a satisfying crunch. These crisps are made in the UK, sliced and dried AND they count as one of your five a day (which is amazing as I struggle to get mine in, woops). They are also high in fibre and Vitamin C and air dried NOT FRIED! These are a great healthy alternative to crisps and much nicer than dried fruit in my opinion. 

Divine (£1.00): Divine are a brand I highly respect due to their Fairtrade and natural ethics, they are also suitable for vegetarians and palm oil free (which has become a huge concern of mine). Their cocoa suppliers also own 44 percent of the company (which is fantastic). I am not usually a dark chocolate fan but mixed with the raspberries it really takes the edge of any bitterness and it’s gorgeously smooth.


 If you kept with me through that then I owe you a gold star as it is a bit long winded but well worth reading about the products as they are truly great quality and such a bargain! If I have tempted you then I have a whopping £6 off Degustabox when you enter the code: BLDEG15 – that is for 9-14 surprise products!!! The usual price is £12.99 so you can get one for nearly half price which is amazing value considering how much you get inside! 

18 thoughts on “Happy Christmas from Degustabox

  1. First off all the cookie monster gif totally made my day!! 😀 Hehe I used to eat a lot of these biscuits when I lived in the UK and I’d try those rivetas for sure 🙂 Baileys is THE best festive period drink too mmmm! You should try it poured over icecream

    Rachel xx


  2. I so agree with your decision to not buy so many presents. I was just explaining to my mum this evening that I don’t see the point in spending so much money on gifts people don’t need. Good on you!
    The box is full of wonderful treats. I’m sure you’ve enjoyed them all 🙂


  3. Better than Nutella!! I’m going to have to try that out, I don’t have much sugar (apart from the chocolate bars) but I’m trying to cut down too. I’ve loved Belvita since they first came out and their soft bakes are just as yummy, I got to try some as they were giving them out in the vans 🙂

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