Lego Star Wars with George at Asda

  You would be hard pushed to miss that Pete and I are big geeks; although there is no denying that Pete has certainly intensified that for me since we started going out! We love Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter but most importantly STAR WARS. We stayed up for the midnight release of Battlefront at Game and prepared by making Stormtrooper cookies….the following day the First order special forces tie fighter arrived at our door and I can’t deny that I squealed a little! With the front room already laden with posters, pop figures and lego (I am sorry die hard beauty fans) the biggest edition to our collection had just arrived courtesy of ASDA (I love you so much!). However when it comes to patience and assembly that is definitely a job I pass over to Pete. He does our pumpkins, DIY and anything that could be defined as fiddly, and as expected he dealt with the Lego building more than fine! (I can’t even deal with the Lego mini kits so don’t even let your imagination wander at my lack of handyman skills…)S1
S2 S3   LEGO Star Wars – First Order Special Forces TIE fighter – 75101*

 The 8-14 age rating is there for a reason and I really would advise that if you are getting this as a present you would either be prepared to assist the youngest of the category or make sure they are already familiar with Lego builds. This could be a view obtained from my lack of capabilities (highly plausible, don’t laugh!) but when I buy the younger generation of my family presents I really do stick to the age advisory. That being said once you open the box it is really easy to get stuck into with numbered bags and a straight forward instruction manual. The first and second bags build the cockpit and the third and fourth are for the wings; the entire construction should take you within 45 minutes and an hour (at least that’s what it took Pete)- which should keep the kids quiet for at least part of Christmas day (or dad or boyfriend you know!)S4  Asda have currently got a toy sale on which I have taken advantage of for my little brother and nephew so it is well worth checking out before everyone rushes to buy Christmas presents. The set I have is £50 instead of £58.97 at the moment- the reductions are so fab that a few items are selling out already, so if you had your heart set on Star Wars Lego then I really would urge you shop sooner rather than later (which I need to do for Pete’s presents!!). S5  The tie fighter is perfect for those hyped for AND after seeing The Force Awakens (which we are obviously going to the midnight viewing!), and the set features 517 pieces in total. It has 4 mini-figures with weapons and accessories- The 2 First Order TIE Fighter Pilots, First Order Officer and a First Order Crew. It has an opening cockpit which you can fit two figures in, 2 working spring-loaded shooters and also a rotating antenna (there are 3 blaster pistol weapons too).

The measurements once built are:

Depth: 35.4cm

Height: 37.8cm

Width: 7.05cm

S6 S7 S8In my eyes this is the perfect present for any Star Wars fan and will be super popular with any recipient who has seen The Force Awakens before Christmas. It is a mid price range and is a large set that is perfect for those not wanting to spending in the region of £100 plus, but if this is out of your budget then there are kits in the sale starting at £10 so the products available really do cater to all price ranges!

9 thoughts on “Lego Star Wars with George at Asda

  1. Hehe you and Pete are so adorable 🙂 Lego is so much fun- Jake’s little nephew would love this as a gift! You’d be appalled to know that I’ve never seen any Star Wars Movie- Jake is a total nerd for it though haha so watch this space!

    Rachel xx


  2. We have one of the older Tie Fighter model, have to find the manual and put it together! I’m sure your fans will appreciate the mention because LEGO and/ or Star Wars is the easiest Christmas present to get now! xxx


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