Skincare SOS feat Bonjour HK

Bonjour HK are always my ray of sunshine and manage to find me incredible gems that I would have never seen let alone tried if they hadn’t sent them to me! They always cater to my skin concerns and shade (when it comes to make-up) which specifically is oily and spot prone (yup you are not alone, join my club) and super pale skin, or what I like to call English Rose (it makes it seem nicer right?). So I have a plethora of skin perfecting beauties to share with you guys and hopefully you will find something that might help you kick your woes in the butt!   


ShiSeido- Lait De Beaute 150 ml £4.97

Since my skin has started ‘behaving’ I have been really cautious about what products I put on my skin. I unscrewed the lid of this beautiful bottle (much nicer than my plastic containers) and gave it a good inhale, I would usually avoid perfumed skincare particularly when using it on my face so I thought it was best to do a patch test. I tested it on my hand and when I realised that it wasn’t reactive or sticky I took the plunge to indulge my face. This moisturiser is so much better than I expected, particularly texturally because it’s silky and light not a thick, greasy moisturiser at all. It was suited to my oily complexion but is great at injecting moisture into thirsty, Winter skin without leaving a thick residue- plus it looks gorgeous on display (always a bonus!). The price is also really affordable, my only qualm is that I would usually use a pump so I do find it much harder to get the same amount of quantity out. 


 My Beauty Diary- Black Obsidian Moisturising Masks £4.87

 Sheet masks are something I was only introduced to since dabbling with Bonjour HK skincare offerings as I am predominantly a wash off mask kinda gal. However after an exfoliation and face brush session it is nice to give my skin some TLC particularly when the cold weather and scrubbing takes it toll and leaves it dry. I find that when my skin is tired (as well as dry) applying these is such a soothing treatment that leaves my skin super soft after a moisturising boost. They cost just under a pound per mask (5 in a pack) so I think that is just about the right price I would pay for a sheet mask (more on treatments like Glamglow and Lush though).#4

Neogen Code 9 Black Volume Cream £8.35

This baby is a high-concentrated moisturising black cream and the advice for use is after cleansing morning and night. You take a generous amount with the ‘brush'(the little plastic dish and silicone spatula) then cover your face and neck with soft patting movements. It has 119 kinds of natural extracts, baobab extract, lipoic acid and hyaluronic acid- it is FDA approved and passed 11 clinical tests (so you can feel safe using it despite being unfamiliar with the product). It appears like a jelly in the pot but when you apply onto your face it is a thin cooling gel that your skin will absorb after a few minutes. My skin is left feeling sticky after us- not excessively but more than I am used to so this is definitely one I will only be using at night and not with make-up (I feel like I need to wash my face!). It is moisturising and I look forward to seeing if there are any future benefits. It has a: WATER BLOCK SYSTEM
Concentrating water blocks with 119 natural derived ingredients accumulate on skin layer by layer to create tight block layer surface.

Ultrafine molecules of hyaluronic acid immediately absorb into skin and alpha-glucosamine helps to activate hyaluronic acid of skin to intensify skin volume.

Universal antioxidant alpha-lipoic acid using special black-filler method absorb into the skin to produce collagen and to diminish the signs of wrinkles.


Suisse Reborn Caviar Luxe Delicate Cleansing Foam £20.91

For 6 months I have been religiously using Origins zero oil wash which sets me back £18.50, so this offering is a couple of pounds more pricey but still within my budget expectations for skincare. I find that the formula is actually similar to ‘Checks and Balances’ where it leaves you with a squeaky clean, but taught face after useage. For me that is perfect, although some people prefer to have a softer more moisturised result. However because I suffer with blemishes and oils I find that this is really beneficial in conjunction with my face brush and then to use a moisturising treat afterwards.


Color Focus Total Solution DD Cream SPF36 40ml £14.84

BB creams took me a while to understand let alone hop on board the hype train, when CC Cream followed I was a bigger fan, but now DD creams (say what?!). Basically DD Cream’s aim to provide you with more cover than BB Creams do, whilst combining the benefits of CC Creams and are packed with anti ageing properties. I can’t really argue with that and am slowly ditching the foundation for these ‘creams with benefits’ (or so I call them!). The great thing about this is that it gives you coverage to neutralise any redness or scarring but gives a really natural colour and a healthy glow rather than being heavy and cakey- in short your skin but better. I also don’t feel like I need to pile on lots of powder on top as it has enough coverage but still looks nice dewy. 


12 thoughts on “Skincare SOS feat Bonjour HK

  1. These products look really impressive – from the sleek packaging to the cool type of products. Although my skin isn’t English rose, it’s quite rosey, pale and gets greasy on certain areas at certain times of the month. Whenever I chose a foundation or anything, I always go for the lightest skin tone, nearly a ghost white 😉
    It’s great that these work for you and I would definitely love to give them a go myself. Especially the colour pro solution – sounds very intriguing.


  2. Yes love the ‘English rose’ description, definitely adopting that phrase for myself from now on haha. I’ve never actually tried bonjour hk but they look so interesting – I love experimenting with skincare (probably why my skin is so bad haha) xxxx
    Call Me Amy


  3. Nice selection here! Used to love Shiseido until I discovered Korean brands. The My Beauty Diary range is affordable and really nice to use, liking their latest additions 🙂 Hope you had a lovely pampering session! xxxx


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