Barefaced beauty

Despite falling in love with the world of Beauty at a young age I never once assessed myself on whether I felt attractive or unattractive, I just wasn’t bothered. I can see that in present time pre-teens and teenagers seem to have a lot more pressure from fellow peers and not to mention contouring perfect tutorials and widespread plastic surgery. I am not saying make-up is bad, make-up is a great way of expressing yourself and also making you feel good, but I have noticed a demanding pressure to push the limits of beauty standards. I feel like we have advanced so much technologically, dipped back and forth with trends and completely explored body modification; instead of wanting to be part of that I want to take a step back and actually detach myself from the norms. For years I have yo-yo’d between weight, felt the pressure of having to camouflage and sculpt my face, and actually spent too many hours crying over a longing for surgery on too many parts of my body. 


My recent inspiration has come from a variety of women who embrace their natural face and focus on a vigorous skincare routine. This is exactly what I am veering towards, in the past instead of opting for prevention I would choose cure. I would not allow my skin to breathe, not moisturise in fear of worsening my skin and then as soon as blemishes attacked I would then tackle the problem. I am not proposing everyday I will go barefaced, but I want make-up to be used as a rarity, one that when I put it on I feel comfortable for a meal or an occasion, but during the week I want to banish it, and if my skin is feeling super sad then just add my favourite ‘Jackie Oates’ to even the tone out. 

Do you ever go make-up free?

23 thoughts on “Barefaced beauty

  1. I definitely sympathize for our younger generation. Especially with the ubiquity of apps such as facetune, it’s become commonplace to adjust your appearance to fit the ideal. I go make up free most days, only putting on make up during the weekends or when I go out!

    Hope you’re having a great day!



  2. Ooh I love this, I don’t wear makeup on a day to day basis (extra 10 minutes in bed wins every time) but when I wear it, I tend to go for a more bare faced look unless I’m going out when I might crack out a smokey eye. I’ve definitely felt more of a pressure though to go for winged eyeliner which I never used to, just because it’s like the done thing. So I’m definitely going to make a move back towards more natural now 🙂

    Touchscreens & Beautyqueens


  3. I really think this is a great post. But I sadly must admit that I never go any place make-up free. I always want to do my eyebrows en dot just a little bronzer on my cheeks before I go out. I can definitely live without mascara but then again, a lip balm is a must for my daily look!

    Love, Layla Rosita


  4. I completely agree with you that nowadays there’s young kids who try to recreate the whole celebrity done up look everyday. In reality I can’t be bothered with doing anything close to that and my daily routine just consists of a little mascara and concealer. This post is really great 🙂

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  5. I love this post and completely agree with everything you have said. I need to reduce the amount of times I wear make up and this has inspired me so thank you! .x


  6. Oh hunni I can totally relate to this post. The pressure of wearing makeup every day & ‘putting on your face’ can seem so exhausting sometimes & that’s without even thinking of what it’s doing to your skin on a daily basis! I would love to have the confidence to go makeup free every day & just dress up for special occasions xxx


  7. I totally, totally get this hun. Today is the perfect example for me, this morning I’ll be bear faced for working from home and popping to the shops but I definitely wouldn’t feel comfortable going to an event tonight without makeup on. Whatever works for you is best but I’m definitely all for bear faced days!



  8. Haha when I was a teen it was not better than today… It was more about weight and less about make up etc. I remember us sitting around the cake at birthdays and nobody daring to eat anything 😀 I think there´s always a lot of pressure on Teens no matter what… Personally I don´t leave the house without make up haha, I´m reallybad.

    dresses-and-travels //@susandollparts


    • I must have just been lucky 😦 I didn’t see the same pressures now but maybe I was just blissfully oblivious and chubby 😉 I don’t think it’s bad to wear make up etc if it makes you feel happy! Same as I hope someone wouldn’t judge me without- it is pretty scary sometimes though 😉 xxx


  9. I just had a couple of make up free days while I was moving house and I thought I’d be more bothered about it than I was but I actually found that I didn’t really care that much about people seeing me without makeup. I don’t think I’m as brave as you yet but I’m definitely planning on having more makeup free days now! Xxx


  10. This is such a great post! I’m ashamed to say that I NEVER leave the house without makeup-I wish I could bare it all,, but I have the worst acne scars. You are so brave and your skin will certainly thank you for it! 🙂 Its awful how us women feel this pressure to change our bodies to suit social expectations! i agree about the younger generation too- those poor girls must feel so much pressure

    Rachel xx


  11. Every single time I’m not having anything else to do! Even if I go out for a movie or grocery shopping, I don’t wear makeup except for a thin coat of mascara and a lip balm! The other day I was shooting a makeup look for a blog post and I went shopping with a face full of makeup! It felt so unnatural and unnecessary… Even my own neighbours didn’t recognised me! 😅😅😅 So yeah, I’m wearing makeup only if I have to! 😉xx, Annie | Annie’s Beauty


  12. lol. I always go makeup free unless there is a special occasion that calls for it. I was brought up to love my natural self, and makeup is only for work and events when it’s polite to look fresh and bright. My daughter is only in primary year 3 and some of her friends are already talking about concealer and how to contour! I told my daughter that she is beautiful as she is, and makeup, although colourful and fun, can do more harm to her than good. Of course she wonders why I put makeup on, so I told her that because I want to look less tired.

    It’s sad that there are people around who can’t bear seeing their true self



  13. Lovely post :). I do find it really hard to leave the house without any make up on – maybe it’s a confidence thing! I would absolutely love to able to go out fresh faced without wearing any, maybe one day I will be able too! You always look beautiful with and without any make up on hun and always look lovely 🙂 El xx xx


  14. I’m with you on this one with both hands!
    When I was growing up as a teenager, most of the girls were putting on makeup during class in school and there was a norm of the kind of fashion and style you should wear to be one of the cool ones. The little rebel I used to be, was completely anti-fashion minded and wore exactly the opposite from everyone else – I was into grunge clothes and messy hair.
    Looking at teenagers nowadays, I’m feeling so sad. They all look like clonings regardless race, background, interests, etc. It’s hard to see someone who stands out and has their own style. I wish more young girls, and boys, were able to see their personal strengths and accept the minor appearance imperfections as part of their own uniqueness.


  15. Completely with you on this, I feel such a pressure these days to have flawless makeup that looks airbrushed, those perfect brows, contoured cheeks etc – we all have flaws and we shouldn’t have to cover them up to conform. You look gorgeous makeup free and I do like to look more natural anyway, my acne has cleared up now so will definitely look to embrace the bare free look more and be pleased with what god has given us 🙂 xxx


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