‘Steal from the boys’ House of fraser

#1  I am a huge fan of unisex pieces and 9/10 I will steal ‘borrow’ from my boyfriend instead of spending out; that being said there have been a good few times where we have bought the same garment in different sizes (much to his embarassment might I add!). He is much happier for me to raid his wardrobe, and that I have definitely done this season. I was reading this article from House of Fraser to give me some hints and tips on how to shop the womenswear section for masculine styles so I can nab myself a few pieces (instead of always pinching from poor Pete!). Susie Bubbles tips are “The baggier, the boxier, the better”, while fashion journalist CAMILLE CHARRIÈRE advises us on ‘masculine pieces that fit well and are menswear inspired. Think of a tuxedo dress or white shirt slightly unbuttoned for added sex appeal.’

 For me when it comes to denim pieces I absolutely adore a boyfriend, ripped pair of jeans but the waist band absolutely must fit well and the trousers can’t be TOO baggy. The pair I have were bought from Missguided and fit like an absolute dream, they are a great length to sex them up with heels or stick to the androgynous route and pop on some brogues or trainers. My jeans aren’t in stock anymore but these ‘Levis 501 Custom And Tapered Fit Jean‘ are absolute beauties and high up on my Christmas list. If you are looking for something a little bit cheaper than Levi’s then I would check these Linea jeans out as they are nearly half the price (but the Levis are heaven!).   #7#4  Selfishly (or is it…) I sometimes persuade Pete into purchases when I know that I want to ‘borrow’ something…ahem! We were casually food shopping in Asda and he was freezing cold so I thoughtfully (of course) dragged him with me to check out the jumpers, I absolutely adore bottle green on him (and for my personal pieces) so managed to get him to pick this jumper up. It is a really nice oversized knit that I can wear as a dress with some tights and thigh high boots (voila!). My pick from the Menswear for women edit would be this Crew Neck Jumper which is currently reduced and features a super cosy and cute cable knit and is available in six different colours. #5  There’s something about Mens shirts that just seem to outshine women’s (what is it, I haven’t a clue!). You see this shirt is one I picked up in an XS as well as Pete and yet when I put mine on it simply didn’t look right, I sent mine back to the shop and tried Pete’s on and it just looks SO much better oversized. Sometimes oversized is the only way to do it and shirts are the ones for it. I really like this embellished detail shirt from Dickens and Jones, it’s in female sizes but I would buy a size or two larger! The embellishment of the shirt is beautifully elegant but can easily be styled in a multitude of ways- open with a top underneath, oversized with skinny wet look trousers or even in an oversized tunic size! #6

So there you have it- my top three picks of Pete’s wardrobes and some ideas of pieces that you can pick up yourself to create the androgynous trend! 

17 thoughts on “‘Steal from the boys’ House of fraser

  1. Loving the colours and fabrics!! The jeans look amazing and I’ve only invested in G-Star jeans but definitely looking for a staple black pair and looking towards Levis for this when I have the money 🙂 I absolutely love the jumper and that’s the type of shape I like for A/W as the slouchy fit goes great with skinny jeans and heeled boots! ❤

    Jenny | Krystel Couture


  2. These are such great tips – crew neck jumpers are definitely a favourite of mine when it comes to ‘stealing from the boys’! Camille Charriére’s tip is spot on too – thanks for sharing 🙂


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