Sparkles, Plaid and PVC

 Sparkles, plaid and PVC weren’t just click-bait tags (but I will admit a little hyped and cliché), they are my newest outfit additions and make me feel a hell of a lot better that we are nearly leaving 2015 (WAH). Starbucks trips and cosying up with the heating on are obviously not bad comforters either I guess…. I would usually wear the fabrics and patterns as separate outfit focuses but instead I decided- why not wear them all together?! I was concerned about clashing but despite the plethora of prints and textures I think it all came together pretty well. 

Flats are rarely my best friend but when I spotted these pointed, leopard beauties on ASOS they were a lust have. I am usually in half sizes and find it really hard to find comfy shoes that fit, I often pop on a pair of boots as the weather gets colder; these however are the most beautifully fitting AND looking shoes! They are £13 in the sale at the moment hereso if you are looking to deviate from boots then definitely check them out. 

#12 #1  The scarf and coat are recycled gems (so to speak), the coat is last years purchase from Zara and I cannot believe how much I adore it. It is such an investment when you purchase Winter wear in Zara and I never regret spending. The scarf was snapped up on eBay and is another of my treasured wardrobe pieces; I love it so much it nearly comes out in Summer (a little inappropriate, but hey ho!)#10  A couple of weeks ago I decided to be a damned cliché blogger and shared my ‘Starbucks shot’ on Twitter and lots of you were asking where I got my top from, well this beauty is from Coast and is currently £39 here instead of £59. The Celeste Knit Top (isn’t that a beautiful name?!) features short sheer sleeves,sequins and gems galore and a silver zipped back. It is ideal for taking your outfit to another level especially when you’re looking for a day-night transitional look which is really helpful as the days get shorter. 

I tucked it into my Missguided PVC mini skirt in Mocha; it was a hard choice on what colour to settle for especially when my eyes light up at pastel shades but this shade really works well for a casual vibe as well as sexed up with heels for the evening.

#6 #8 #9

20 thoughts on “Sparkles, Plaid and PVC

  1. I swear every time I read your blog I see something that I own haha – I bought those shoes too and love them! Love the colour of the skirt too and a bit of tartan is always a good thing at this time of year!
    Amy xxx
    Call Me Amy


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