Warmed up: Luxemme look

 Despite being well into Autumn it still hasn’t persuaded me to pack away my dresses and play-suits; instead I am finding ways to warm then up with layers and accessories. Recently I have been experimenting a lot with colour  and deliberately moving away from blacks, greys and khaki, however my love for faux leather and high shine wasn’t kept at bay for too long as it has inevitably returned for this look. ‘If it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ and that is exactly my attitude towards copious amounts of black clothing.



 My wardrobe features minimal jumpsuits and until my Luxemme package arrived no play-suits( I had a HUGE attempted clear out in a bid to become ‘minimal). The play-suit is a backless halter-neck with loose fitting shorts that imitate the look of a dress (which I really love!) and is easy to style for any occasion. After I selected it and it arrived I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to transition it from a Summer look, but was pleasantly surprised how well it suited an Autumnal outfit. 









#3  #4  

After a mad thirty minutes you probably spotted on social media that I cut my own hair. I had a hair appointment booked, a £280 one at that and for some surprising reason it left a sour taste in my mouth! Instead I picked up my scissors from my stationary draw (yup) and hacked a fringe onto my head.   I am slowly getting used to it but would love to hear your opinions on it- good or bad (just because I am a nosey, curious bugger!)


19 thoughts on “Warmed up: Luxemme look

  1. First of all that fringe looks bloody good on you! Wow ❤ Welcome to the full fringe gang haha (its a thing I swear!). I lovee the playsuit its such a lovely print!


  2. I’m not ready to get rid of summer hehehe! I actually wanted to comment on how amazing your hair is! Love the fringe Jess it suits you! you look gorge. OMG What happened with the £280 hair cut that made you cut your own hair sweet! & I need to say I love your outfit, that dress is stunning on you! ❤

    Serene | I Am Serene L


  3. The playsuit is so pretty, I love the pattern, especially the border. Thanks for the link to the boots, I’ll check if they have anything similar. £280! My jaw dropped when I read that. Was the hairdresser not very good/accommodating? I would never have guessed you cut your own fringe though, as it looks very well done and suits you nicely 🙂

    Velvet Blush


  4. The dress is so pretty omg!!! But seriously I have a problem with not wearing my dresses and everything too lol, but It mainly has to do with the fact that the weather goes from 90 degrees on Monday then 50 degrees on Friday haha


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