Garment Quarter: Autumn/Winter picks



“Garment Quarter – the fusion of New York’s “Garment” District, Manchester’s Northern “Quarter” and designer fashion from across the globe”


I may be a natural bargain hunter due to my student status and bank account to follow, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have designer taste and indulge in special purchases once in a while. Vivienne Westwood pieces have to be my absolute weakness  and Garment Quarter stock an abundance of beautiful choices; the site aims to ‘bring the most interesting yet wearable pieces from International Designers to customers across the globe yet with a strong British element at the core’. A change of season and an upcoming birthday provides me with the perfect excuse to splash the cash but sharing my wishlist with you first is of course paramount! I have chosen pieces that incorporate my favourite trends for AW15 with a juxtaposing Victoriana and Pastels.



 Winter instantly attracts me to faux fur and tartan accessories but when I saw this pastel baby blue colour Sky I was infatuated. Pastels seem to regenerate themselves on the catwalk every year and are never absent from a cold weather wardrobe, however instead of dousing myself in candy shop colours I think it looks great mixed up with deeper moody shades particularly black. Black may be boring but it’s timeless, classic and suits any occassion; this Iphone slip case is elegant, stylish and chic, everything I want in an accessory.

FotorCreated5555 VW WATCH £235//VERSACE SUNGLASSES £155

Watches are something I rarely wear or buy due to my ridiculously small wrists however this spot is too beautiful to miss- it’s dainty, slimline and girly. I find pink to be occasionally borderline tacky but this shade is muted and feminine with a stunning VW charm to add character and a bracelet feel to the watch. 

Contrary to the natural instinct of feeling like sunglasses are only suitable for Summer, I love to snap up a new pair for my Winter Wardrobe. I tend to opt for darker lenses and a cat eye style for colder weather and these Versace ones were ideal, I am a sucker for tortoiseshell and favouritise the pattern on any sunglasses.



Sticking with true Victoriana inspiration this dress was a must have, Self-Potrait have a select but exquisite choice of dresses at Garment Quarter and I would happily covet them all. I love how this dress is a sexy, moody piece with the sheer fabric, lace detailing and short design, contrasted by the gothic, laced high neck- a huge lust have for my evening wear currently!

You can find Garment Quarter here:





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