Wolf & Whistle Tea dress


 Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress.

Coco Chanel

As the year prepares for its final colder months, the norm is to either dig out your knitwear, replace the dresses and shorts, or stock up on some new season cosy pieces. Instead of following the unspoken rule I have worn more dresses in September than the whole of Summer put together! You may be thinking ‘why on earth?!’, well you might’ve guessed by now that I am infatuated with the online store Wolf and Whistle who’ve packed my wardrobe with some of the most beautiful dresses I have seen; they convince me to make more of an effort from day to day which in turn makes me feel better! 


 Asos Cat eye sunglasses (Similar here)

Asos Petite Coat with Belt and Flared Hem (Was £70 now £18.50)

#12 Office Peep toes (Similar here)#11  Wolf and whistle’s ‘aim is to mix creativity and utility to create unique garments that are easy to wear and that you will come back to season after season.  All our prints our designed in our studio in London so are unique to our collection.’#3

 Shifting away from the norm of my romantic floral choices I decided to throw on some pastels; they not only brightened my outfit but also my perspective on the whole day. Heels may be apt when I am going somewhere special and boots for when it’s freezing but on the inbetween days I like to meet in the middle and chose a chunky heeled, peep toe sandal to pair with my bargain Asos coat. 

The dress is ideal for lunches and special occasions but can easily dressed for an everyday look with the right styling, as the weather gets even colder it can layered with thick tights and boots and a statement handbag instead. To give the outfit a little more life I applied Mac’s Show Orchid and a statement jewelled necklace from a past Astrid and Miyu box- a brand well worth checking out for special jewellery pieces. 

#6   Necklace: Astrid and Miyu, Rope Necklace from December 2013 Secret Box (£39 Sub)#7Wolf and Whistle Blossom print tea dress £48* #9 

Wolf and Whistle:




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